Thursday, March 30


You might notice I'm using a fancy-ass blogger thing. Not only is it fancy, but it's also faster to update than Dreamweaver and Cute FTP. 2006.. the year of easy.

You might also notice, if you're any good at math, that my birthday is tomorrow. Snakes on a Plane to me!! I don't have anything planned, really, though I'm driving to Hamilton to see my dad on Friday.. and later I'm hanging out somewhere "mysterious" with Andrea too. I'm hoping it's not a slaughter house, or a barn.. because while those are technically surprises, they don't smell nice. If you're around Friday night, you should call me (check my msn for my new cell #) and you can come to the slaughterhouse too. If you didn't get me a present or whatever, don't worry about it (but you can sure buy me a drink or 12).

Brooke is coming over on Sunday/Monday and I think we planned some Thai Food and possibly shopping downtown, plus the weather is great maybe Ethan can come. So, you see, it all works out nicely.
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