Monday, April 10

I've got the Black Lung

Subsequent to all this unseasonable drinking I'm now sick. This means I have a voice comparible only to a transgendered lounge singer, or someone with the Black Lung from working long hours in the coal mines. Notice how I didn't make a bird flu reference. Omg I got bird flu, omg don't eat at the Asian KFC! It's not one of the funny diseases, I'm sorry.

Anyways, pictures of the princess (peach vodka) party will be up later. Right now, I have to go proposition some gay men in a bad neighbourhood and dig for diamonds.. aka, take some cough medicine and sit on the couch and write hatemail.

Dear LCBO cashier,

As flattering as it is to get carded at 24, it's not that funny to make me drive home and back. It's also not cute to point out that, while I did in fact drive myself there, I do not have my license with me. My unpreparedness should only be an indicator of just how unecessary it is to even carry ID. It should also tell you I always follow the rules of the road carefully, as to not get pulled over. If you scored higer in the logic portion of your SAT's and got into college instead of working at the liquor store, you'd notice I was in a hurry. People under the age of 19 are never in a hurry because they have nowhere to be except the mall.. and it was well past 6:00, lady.

Sincerely, Ann-Marie

I had a quote from the party that Antonella said but for the life of me I can't remember what it was now. It was good though. Bird Flu punchline good.

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Ian said...

Are you in Man-Marie mode??

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