Monday, April 3

Were you surprised?

Turning 24 turned out to be pretty great. I got a couple nice surprises, which is amazing since 1. it's hard to surprise me .. and 2. seeing as I'm rarely surprised, when you actually do catch me off guard I suddenly lose half my IQ and I'm all "whaaat?" and say stuff like "um do you guys want chips, I bought chips... I don't even like chips". Anyhow, I would have updated sooner but I've been drunk for two days (and lazy for one). Kinda accidentally, if you must know. I technically only had like 2 drinks and I was all flushed and ranting on about .. something. Whatever it was I just remember becoming really aware that I was the only person talking about it, I forgot what my point was like 28 times, and it was also 2am. I think my new limit is "the point where you start saying everything you think" .. ya, I'm one of those people.

So the events happen like this: Friday I drove (3 friggin hours) to Hamilton, saw my dad and grandparents (yay elliptical machine! yay coffee and cake!) and went for dinner at the Keg. Next time I really will order the steak, I'm just not a steak-y person but it was really good so that doesn't matter. Saturday when we got home from dinner at Rocco's (aka the best place to get italian food other than my grandma's house) there were a bunch of homeless people at my house ready to surprise me. lol. Instead of stealing my stuff and stabbing me, we just had a party. Some of my friends couldn't make it so we're having another party next weekend. I don't think I can act surprised for that one. Then to end the weekend, on Sunday Brooke and I drank a giant bottle of wine and watched A History of Violence. I'd go into how terrible it was but why bother.. just the fact that I'm telling you we were drinking and we STILL found the entire thing to be fucking ridiculous and cheesy is enough. To make up for it, we also drank all the Bailey's and made sandwiches.

Soooooo thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, and hoped I had fun! I did, in fact, have fun. But the best part was knowing that even if one year I don't make a big deal, other people still will and that makes me a pretty lucky girl :)


Amber said...

yay, birthday! :D

p.s. tomorrow is brian's birthday. remember! lol.

annmarie said...

honestly, i forgot. i had to ask someone today. lol. i'm writing it down just in case ;)

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