Wednesday, April 5

"you're gonna get yours!"

There are three things that I can't resist, nomatter what...

1. Nutella (damn you!!)
2. An Episode of Lost


3. Smiling when someone I don't like gets totally screwed

I'm only going to talk about the last one, although all of the above kinda make me feel guilty. Seriously, damn you.. makers of Nutella. Anyways, I just can't help but love it when someone I don't like gets screwed in some way. Not because I wished it upon them or sat here angrily muttering "you're gonna get yours!" to nobody but my tv. It's just 100% of the satisfaction with 0% of the work. Who doesn't dig that? Some people might rub it in, or point it out and be assholes... and that is where you and I part ways on this little spite adventure. I don't do that (even though I'd really love to... so maybe I am an asshole?) Smiling is ok though.

Anyway, at the party everybody simultaniously agreed that I should bring back the quotes I used to have on my site. Apparently it was a really big deal to get on my list etc. and I had no idea, but it makes sense. My approval is pretty gratifying. So in the spirit of inspiring competition and making off-side comments famous... it's back! and so you know everything is fair game.

Kevin says:
someone made a "your mom" type of comment, and he got real serious and said "my mom died from cancer on christmas eve"

Kevin says:
i busted out laughing, so i hope he was joking


Kevin says:
the other night i was up until like 3am watching david hasselhoff videos on youtube

A n n - M a r i e says:
did it haunt your dreams?

Kevin says:
i think i got turned on a little bit


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