Tuesday, May 9

As good as you can copy and paste it

So apparently for the last 2 years I have had 2 websites. My own, and a really bad carbon copy of it "written" by a 17 year old girl from white-trash New Jersey (sorry New Jersey, I just can't like you anymore.. blame Beth Mandio. No hard feelings.)

You might ask yourself "but Ann, how did you find out about this if it's been happening for 2 years?? you never read Nancy Drew.... did you?" and my answer is, for your information, I read the babysitters club! and I'm only 110% ashamed to admit that. I also don't solve mysteries in my spare time so I figured it out because she was actually stupid enough to hotlink my entire picture set of my trip to Montreal on fotopic {cached copy if the link stops working}. Then I looked for and found all her other journals/everything online which were at least partially taken from something I wrote, conversation I posted etc.. from the perspective that she was me and "Ann" was her friend, but she also referred to me as Riley.

And now that I've read everything (I mean every dirty word) ... yanno, I don't see a reason why we wouldn't be friends! She wrote a list based on her observations of movies? I did too! We answer a lot of the same surveys (scroll down left column) the same way? That's amazing! She hates Oprah's Book club? (scroll down to highlighted yellow, it's been deleted) So do I! She thinks ripping people off is ok if they're stupid? Omg, me too!!

Think of it as she's the James Frey of the internet, and took a "Million Little Pieces" of my website for herself. So... what would you expect me to do in this situation?

Let me remind you for a second, a few internet losers told me I didn't know the meaning of "literally" back in September on some gay comment board on a website that isn't even that popular and nobody would check again.. and I went out of my way to dictionary those fucking jackasses back into their mothers basement. So, really, what would you expect me to do in this situation? Think about that for a second.

The answer is send her a courtesy box of scorpions in the mail labeled "tasty delicious cupcakes" but I didn't have her address so I did the next best thing: screen captured everything. What? you think I wouldn't go through the trouble of screen capturing it? Or how about every single relevant (60%+ copied content) entry there was? That's 90+ entries by the way. Each screen capture is a ridiculously large file size, so I'm not going to post them one by one because that's a poor use of my time, but I'll just show you some directly comparable entries.... yanno, to really illustrate what I mean when I say she's as crazy as the day is long.

  1. new years [my post: dec 29] vs [her copy: dec 31] ...also re-posted on her myspace blog!
  2. she also mixes my entries together --- ipod {aug19} & tanorexia vs [her copy 1 & 2]
  3. then she actually emailed me asking for my advice --- http://web.archive.org/web/20050126233642/http://asgoodasitgets.org/ vs [her copy]

Pretty creative stuff right? See that's one thing nobody appreciates about liars... their ingenuity, their dedication. Remember.. there are at least 80 more of them! Probably because she really wants to be a writer... nice profile. I also have a friend named Brooke who snorts when she laughs. Like I said, we have so much in common it's a true crime we're not actually friends.

In the meantime... who likes cached links? I know I do! Mostly because, you can't delete them :) I'll just refer to them with her original "never seen before" titles, and if you've read my site for any length of time I won't need to explain any of it.

  1. Don't go quietly
  2. I think you're wild when you flash that fragile smile ( 1 extra page)
  3. Beth's Blurty
  4. as good as it gets!


Those take some time and attention to read, so here's a few of my personal favourite moments:

  1. When her journal won AOL Editors Pick.. and all the people who congratulated her!
  2. Her posting pictures of me and a bridge troll of an ex-boyfriend on her "Summer 05" webshots list. I puked like 45 times. That's dehydration level puking, fyi.
  3. Comments by "Ann" on her pictures of Jersey --- she posted those comments, a picture of someone else as "Ann" and Jersey looks a lot like NH&Maine. Oh wait, it is.
  4. Uh myspace or myspace? --- blog, profile

I love the "About Me" blurb she chose for her profile. Not written by me, but irony is better than Jesus.

You can make a fresh start at any moment you choose, cuz this thing we call "failure" isn't falling on ur ass but when you get up accept the stupid mistake, or careless error in judgment. For some people this may be weird to read because im usually known as a funny, immature girl, but shit happens when you least expect it baby.

If you'd like to get to know me better i'd be flattered!! Don't be coy IM my trickarsss: bethdangerously

bethdangerously.. what a great idea for a screen name! See when I thought of it, it was from that movie Johnny Dangerously with Michael Keaton, because he was SO COOL with his silver cigarette case... but I bet she's got an even better explanation of where that came from. Don't be coy, feel free to ask her, or get to know her better. Her real AIM names and contact info is:

aangelisqt@aol.com ... itz_mandioO@hotmail.com ... http://myspace.com/bethmandio (you'll have to add her to your friends)

Why do all this for someone not really worth the effort? One word. Balls. Ok two words, MASSIVE BALLS. You've got to have some real, genuine, watermelon-sized balls to actually submit what essentially is someone else's website content in a contest. That's like me pasting a picture of your dad onto my face and having sex with his wife. AKA YOUR MOM. Because to my knowledge there is nothing more inflammatory than telling someone you're going to give it to their Mom. That's what my website is to me. Mom sex. It's not great, it's not award winning (or maybe it is now) sometimes it's silly or stupid or confusing or uninteresting... it could be spelled wrong, punctuated horribly, and insulting to your religion... but it's still mine and it's going to stay that way.

So in case that mom sex comment threw you off, or you're overwhelmed by "crazy" and you can't determine what point I'm trying to make, I'll make it super-duper clear that next time it happens, causing someone's fake online universe to collapse won't be enough for me.

While I appreciate the totally f'd compliment that I am a talented writer, or that my opinions are worth duplicating, that I'm cool, or that I have a way more interesting life than you... this is going way too far. For example, if I go as far as she's gone in impersonating me I might say that if it happens again I will hunt you down and kill your parents. Unless you don't like your parents.. in that case, I will make them more alive somehow. Like, introduce them to a sensible diet and exercise plan so that they live a really really really long time.

You don't want to know how far I'll go.

For another more realistic example, if in all my google-ing I found out that someone related to you (possibly your dad) has a law firm in the state you live... I might contact them and ask if I have a case against you, and to familiarize me with the law in NJ about this specific situation. I'm a curious girl, I am. But .. I bet "Beth-Ann" knows that.

And anyone who ever google's your name will forever be sent to this page. You're welcome.


Amber said...

that is the most fucked up thing i have ever seen.

Sean said...

BEST POST EVER!!! Let me just make sure one more time the web archive's remember you :)


*Everyone who is going to add a comment* just add BETH MANDIO (whoop's! I've done it again!)

Anonymous said...

Can you bypass the scorpions for me and just send the tasty, delicious cupcakes to Orida? I'm in need of Canadian sweets: and this was definitely sweet.

Anonymous said...

Can you bypass the scorpions for me and just send the tasty, delicious cupcakes? I'm in need of Canadian sweets: and this was definitely sweet. sweet.

Amber said...

*cough* beth mandio *cough*

woops, looks like i'm coming down with something, al;dkja;lfdjaldfkjalksdfj beth mandio

Chromefox said...

Holy shit. I mean, I've heard of art theft but... Jesus Christ. You've got to wonder what motivates someone to steal the life of another.

That's fucked up like polio. I'd probably shit a skyscraper if someone took one of my blog entries, let alone stole my whole damn life and then won an award for it.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Tricia and I've been a reader of "Beths" for some time now. I always admired "her work". Well, I just wanted to say that I am very sorry this happened to you!! I will no longer be reading her journal now. But I would like to keep reading yours.

anarchitek said...

I am sorry to hear I commented in the wrong journal! You obviously deserved the credit, and the thief deserves to be ignored for the rest of her life! She has nothing to call her own, and that is punishment enough. Bruce

Jessica said...

Thank you for informing me of this...I am also a former reader of "Beth's" journal. I'm glad you caught her...what she did is wrong, and just plain creepy.


Shirneen said...

Ann, imagine my surprise at seeing my backyard in NH (not NJ) and Ogunquit Beach in Maine (not NJ) and my wild turkeys also!! Do you think she was along for our adventure?? Very creepy to have someone just throw themselves into the middle of your life! At least she didn't get to go "off roading" with us in NH! Glad you "got" her. These posts were a "hoot". She needs to get a life!

Jackie said...

I woulda never guessed it, really, when i first saw what you were saying, i was so shocked that i was about to like bash you for even saying that, but then i saw..im sorry, but yeah, i was wondering why her journal and blogger was deleted..eh..the internet is weird.. i guess it could happen to any of us

Anonymous said...

I got to school with BETH MANDIO. BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

i porked beth mandio once, so i guess i porked you too?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I know this girl. This is funny... XD

Anonymous said...

i used to check her blog a lot.no wonder she could "write" that amazing stuff when she was only 17.now i will check your blog instead. good job!

Anonymous said...

as of 4/3/15 this is her newest blog


i wonder if she is plagiarizing this one too?

i went to school with her. she's had a kid since then. crazy stuff, always been fascinated by this and the mentality behind it. she never seemed the type, but who does?

ann.мarie said...

That's so funny... I haven't thought about Beth Mandio super-life-stealer in ages! Her new blog is just soooooo hippie granola I would not have guessed lol I'm almost tempted to see if her writing is really 'inspired' but that would be horribly sad if she were still doing this. I always wondered the mentality behind it as well.. wouldn't your own creativity and original thoughts just, want to come out?

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