Wednesday, May 17

make it happen

I found this great site called 43 things!

It encourages you to make a list of things you want to make happen in your life, then it shows you other people who are also trying to accomplish that task. You can write a blog about your progress, check off what you've accomplished, and recommend to other users what is worth doing and what's not. I think that's a fantastic idea, so I made a account too! So far I'm having a lot of fun with it, so I figured I'd share. You can put anything you want, obviously, and I think it's neat how honest and ridiculous some people's lists are. Like, hack into someone's computer. Wtf? lol. It makes me want to be honest and ridiculous too. And why not? It's my life, afterall. Professional Bee Keeping, here I come!!

I'm not going to post my list since for some reason lately I wouldn't want to influence anyone too much with my opinion. lol. So I'm encouraging anyone to make your own lists, make them as creative as you can, then make it happen. Unless you have "steal Ann's life" on your list ... in that case I'll suggest not making that one happen. Instead, maybe learn Japanese or create a Scorpion mailing service for the blind. I hear those are just about as useful, however, not as popular ;)

[14:05] Sean: you know the ice cap that hortons has?
[14:05] Sean: they have a vanilla bean one!
[14:05] Sean: OMFG
[14:05] Sean: heaven!
[14:05] Sean: but heaven costs 5 bucks
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