Thursday, June 29

I'm not perfect but parts of me are awesome

Ok I was totally kidding about the 15 comments. I was hoping by putting some huge number that'd ensure I got at least one person telling me what an asshole they thought I was, or narcissistic, or incredibly naive or stupid or something. But, no dice. All nice things.

Well you had your chance.

So go Italy! Apparently my cousins are actually watching the games, which I find surprising because even though the players are hot, they've never paid attention to anything for that long. After about 90 mins of anything there are very few exceptions where I won't totally lose interest. All I need to know when to tell some crazy person how Italy kicked their ass. So, update me will ya? Why would I want to rub it in, especially to anyone crazy? I guess I didn't mention I live basically on the border of a portion of Toronto that's whimsically referred to as "Little Portugal". Ya those people are f-ing crazy (no offense, Carla) putting full sized flags onto the hoods of their cars and blasting music. How are you supposed to drive on the highway with something like that? So I'd really enjoy beating them, even just so I won't have to be on the road with the huge crowd I assume will take over the streets, and have to hear car honking into the wee hours of the night.

Yes I'm aware of the irony of Italy winning and a similar scenario happening somewhere else in the city. We are allowed to though, because we basically invented anything to do with kicking balls. Here, let me show you...

Monday, June 26

Voted most likely to blog

In HighSchool I remember I asked someone I've been friends with for a while (or they asked me and I reciprocated) ....... "So, what was your first impression of me?" and I got told they thought I was stuck up (because I always said "anyways" when I spoke.. etc.) I figured, wow, well I'm glad they decided to stick it out and be friends with me! Since then I've gotten the same deal with other people; first impressions of me that I never fully understand but accept as being the way it is. Maybe I come across a certain way and I'm totally oblivious to it. It's not vain, really, it's an honest question I'm sure everyone has thought about at some point.

So, be honest, be anonymous if you don't want me to know who you are/I don't know you (it's pretty easy, just click the anonymous button!) .... and tell me what you're first impression of me really was. YES! This is interactive, not informative or entertaining. And I'm expecting it to be bad so don't worry about offending me. If we're friends, well, even more reason right? ;)

I'm not posting on my website again until I get 15 answers.

Thursday, June 22

Originality or Something like it

[RE: searching asgoodasitgets on]

kevin says:
well, sometimes the good names are taken

Ann-Marie... says:
ya well, asshole-jerks is still available

kevin says:
are you trying to suggest something?

Ann-Marie... says:
no of course not

Ann-Marie... says:
im just saying anyone with similar ideas as me are complete fucking assholes

kevin says:

kevin says:
for some reason everyone really hates amanda

Ann-Marie... says:

Ann-Marie... says:
i wonder what happened to amanda after march of 2000?

kevin says:
maybe someone murdered her

Ann-Marie... says:
or she died of being a bitch

Ann-Marie... says:
nevermind i figured out what amanda died of

Ann-Marie... says:
"3:13 pm

some kid gave me pills today , i took them im not sure what they were"


Apparently when it comes to originality, I act like I invetned it. While I am here I might as well just get something off my chest in a similar nobody-else-cares-about-it-but-me sort of way. It bothers me to no end when people count down to things longer than 30 days max. on their stupid msn/whatever messenger. 30 is pushing it, 29, 28, 16.. all fine, I suppose. But I'm talking about the really really long countdowns. Yanno, the ones that last longer than most High School relationships? Here's what I think:

First of all, by doing this you're indirectly assuming I really care that it's 108 whatever days till you do whatever it is that probably doesn't involve me. I don't. Not even in that "I'm happy for you" kinda way. You ruined it. Secondly, any shred of interest I do have is when your countdown will actually be done so I don't have to see it anymore. Third of all, 100 days? 60 days? 48 days? ... are you really, honestly, in need of that kind of extensive countdown? Will you forget otherwise? "OH my god.. my necessary heart surgery is tomorrow?!! I totally forgot." I get it, maybe you enjoy the tediousness of changing that little number every day. Motivation to keep waking up in the morning, maybe. If so, I have a job you'd really like; pick out 1024 pieces of fluff from my sweaters. Not 1025, or 1023. And I want you to count as you do it... as to notify me you're still doing what I asked you to do. If you're paying attention this is my fourth point, I have a way to make both our lives a whole lot simpler... "Hi friends, I just wanted you to know (this event) is happening on (this date). And I'm pretty excited about it!" Or just count down the last actual month it's happening. I'm down with excitement, I am. Just don't piss me off, ok, 86 days?

This is why I have two categories on my msn. My Peeps & Not My Peeps. I will fucking de-peeps you so fast if you incorporate a countdown like this. Just saying.

Oh and by the way, congrats to Monica who's moving to Europe, apparently, on August 3rd.

I hope I don't forget somehow.

Tuesday, June 20

I don't cheer for soccer, I cheer for t-shirts!

Sean got me an "Italians Play Rough" soccer tee, so I can support my roots. GO ROOTS.

No, I don't know Beth

I'm not Beth's friend

That's my "Oh my god, that wasn't even a real goal! Is the ref fucking blind??" face.

Just in case you forgot I'm a total idiot.


Wes GO OILERS!!!! says:
yeh i was away for the weekend..f'in nascar was brutal...but i was drunk the whole time so it was fun

Ann-Marie... says:
nascar eh? did you wave your shirt over your head?

Wes GO OILERS!!!! says:
haha with my mullet...i cheered for the black guy that was racing to upset the hicks

Ann-Marie... says:

Ann-Marie... says:
im sure there's a burning cross waiting on his lawn at home

Wes GO OILERS!!!! says:
people had arian nation stickets on there campers

Ann-Marie... says:

Ann-Marie... says:
ok maybe there really is then

Sunday, June 18

What's on TV... the first 5 minutes

They're remodeling an inspirational summer camp of terminally ill kids. The best part is when the blind kid with cancer sang Amazing Grace.

Touche, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Touche.

You're about as subtle as a heart attack.

Thursday, June 15

"Now I can throw more of my sexy parties"

So on the weekend I went to a Fantasia party that one of my friends was having. Basically I ended up being completely bombed after just 2 glasses of wine and bought about $130 worth of stuff! lol. That was me trying to be conservative too. Who needs a $100 black lace corset with dimond snaps? Oh.. ME. It is pretty sweet though...

Anyways, yeah I won't embarass anyone by mentioning anything about what happened at the party (or a certain hostess getting a grab bag full of toys and dumping it out on the floor to show us with the same enthusiasm as if it were christmas morning!) but I will say that it was hilarious, and fun. I also honestly am baffled at how I got so ridiculously wasted. Like it was so obvious that I was even saying "hey, why the crap am I so drunk guys??" ... probably because I didn't really eat anything all day, but even so. Oh and I basically almost killed a girl via my coffee cake.

[Offensive tangent: By the way, who's allergic to cinnimon???????? Honestly. That's like being allergic to ... cinnimon. I got nothing. Cinnimon is already a pretty ridiculous allergy on it's own... I can't add anything to it to make it seem more ridiculous. And here I thought nothing was worse than peanuts. I don't care what you say, if a fucking peanut can take you out... then evolution is trying to tell you something. Don't pass along your inferior seed! In a couple hundred years nobody will be able to eat anything, ever again.]

So after the sexy party, I call up another friend of mine and me and my peeps head over to the pub for a while... ending the night later with two McGreaseburgers. If that doesn't explain how drunk I really was then I don't know what would.

All in all, a quality night. This weekend: Father's Day! And if anyone is contemplating getting a cat/kitten.. please for the love of God CALL ME. My mother is thisclose to turning their whole appartment into a freaking refuge. She finds them abandoned in boxes and in garbage cans. People actually throw kittens away! Have a heart. Take a damn cat.

Thursday, June 8

my uncle DIED of deafness!

I have the flu again. So, that's awesome. I don't just sound like a drag queen this time, but an actual mentally challenged or deaf person (due to my stuffed up nose, constant angry face and throwing my fists around wildly with frustration). If that isn't annoying enough, I got a new cell phone this week and I don't even want to talk to anyone on it. I imagine the conversation would go something like this:

"who is this?"
"don't be silly, it's Ann-Marie"
"Ann-Marie? what's with your voice? are you.. are you making fun of retards?"
"what? no I'm.."
"omg you are, you are making fun of retards!"
"wait NO! I'm sick.. I swear to G.."
"you know my uncle DIED of deafness, and he was also autistic!"
"what? look I just called to ask you about Sunday"
"oh, as if! you're sooo un-invited asshole. in fact, i hope you die!"
"grandma please... "

See how that took a turn there, my grandmother calling me an asshole and everything. Yeah. Don't even expect me to make any sense right now.

Speaking of.

So basically I've decided that it's totally creepy to cry during tv shows. I don't have a great explaination for this, in fact, I don't have any explaination at all. I just find something wrong with watching a pre-recorded fictional event on every wednesday at 8pm that actually brings TEARS to come out of you with SADNESS. I say this mostly because it'd piss me off so badly how Extreme Home Makeover would make me all misty every damn time I watched it. You think, my God, how many times can I feel bad for a family living in poverty? Apparently the answer is, an indefinite amount of times! Everytime I would just try and enjoy the story and see what they did to the house BAM, Ty would tell me how this lady and her 8 kids were living in a house made of cotton balls and everytime it rained, one of them died!
Anyways, like I said.. that's where my hatred for crying during tv shows started. Then apparently (since I stopped watching that cry-fest of a show) all of a sudden I found American Inventor to be horribly sad, and the other night I was getting all misty watching House, of all things. I don't even like that guy! He's such an asshole that anytime you even attempt to like him as a character he does something really rude and you hate him again. Then at the end of the show, when something happens he just gets this thoughtful look on his face like something really affected him and suddenly, here I am about to cry. Whatever, House!
"I like puzzles, so I'm interested in things that don't fit."

Well aren't you complex; stop making me feel... feelings! We all know you didn't care about that cancer girl. You aren't even a real person! It's creepy for me to be even momentarily sad by this... at least American Inventor had that guy who could barely speak English who made that child-seat because his daughter died in a car accident. *sniff* I love that guy.

Oh, and I finished my 43things list. Anyone care to share theirs?
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