Tuesday, June 20

I don't cheer for soccer, I cheer for t-shirts!

Sean got me an "Italians Play Rough" soccer tee, so I can support my roots. GO ROOTS.

No, I don't know Beth

I'm not Beth's friend

That's my "Oh my god, that wasn't even a real goal! Is the ref fucking blind??" face.

Just in case you forgot I'm a total idiot.


Wes GO OILERS!!!! says:
yeh i was away for the weekend..f'in nascar race..it was brutal...but i was drunk the whole time so it was fun

Ann-Marie... says:
nascar eh? did you wave your shirt over your head?

Wes GO OILERS!!!! says:
haha with my mullet...i cheered for the black guy that was racing to upset the hicks

Ann-Marie... says:

Ann-Marie... says:
im sure there's a burning cross waiting on his lawn at home

Wes GO OILERS!!!! says:
people had arian nation stickets on there campers

Ann-Marie... says:

Ann-Marie... says:
ok maybe there really is then


mmoxxie said...

where did you get that shirt???

Robert said...

Awesome shirt. De Rossi would be proud.

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