Thursday, June 29

I'm not perfect but parts of me are awesome

Ok I was totally kidding about the 15 comments. I was hoping by putting some huge number that'd ensure I got at least one person telling me what an asshole they thought I was, or narcissistic, or incredibly naive or stupid or something. But, no dice. All nice things.

Well you had your chance.

So go Italy! Apparently my cousins are actually watching the games, which I find surprising because even though the players are hot, they've never paid attention to anything for that long. After about 90 mins of anything there are very few exceptions where I won't totally lose interest. All I need to know when to tell some crazy person how Italy kicked their ass. So, update me will ya? Why would I want to rub it in, especially to anyone crazy? I guess I didn't mention I live basically on the border of a portion of Toronto that's whimsically referred to as "Little Portugal". Ya those people are f-ing crazy (no offense, Carla) putting full sized flags onto the hoods of their cars and blasting music. How are you supposed to drive on the highway with something like that? So I'd really enjoy beating them, even just so I won't have to be on the road with the huge crowd I assume will take over the streets, and have to hear car honking into the wee hours of the night.

Yes I'm aware of the irony of Italy winning and a similar scenario happening somewhere else in the city. We are allowed to though, because we basically invented anything to do with kicking balls. Here, let me show you...


Robert said...

goooo Italy!

and you don't need to exclude Carla when you say the Portuguese are crazy

Carla said...

*sticks tongue out at robert*

kt said...

i have that shirt from abercrombie, the i'm not perfect one.

yeah, that was pointless, just thought i'd share.

annmarie said...

KT, ya that's where the title came from. i have that shirt too :) it's black & silver writing.

Kevin said...


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