Thursday, June 8

my uncle DIED of deafness!

I have the flu again. So, that's awesome. I don't just sound like a drag queen this time, but an actual mentally challenged or deaf person (due to my stuffed up nose, constant angry face and throwing my fists around wildly with frustration). If that isn't annoying enough, I got a new cell phone this week and I don't even want to talk to anyone on it. I imagine the conversation would go something like this:

"who is this?"
"don't be silly, it's Ann-Marie"
"Ann-Marie? what's with your voice? are you.. are you making fun of retards?"
"what? no I'm.."
"omg you are, you are making fun of retards!"
"wait NO! I'm sick.. I swear to G.."
"you know my uncle DIED of deafness, and he was also autistic!"
"what? look I just called to ask you about Sunday"
"oh, as if! you're sooo un-invited asshole. in fact, i hope you die!"
"grandma please... "

See how that took a turn there, my grandmother calling me an asshole and everything. Yeah. Don't even expect me to make any sense right now.

Speaking of.

So basically I've decided that it's totally creepy to cry during tv shows. I don't have a great explaination for this, in fact, I don't have any explaination at all. I just find something wrong with watching a pre-recorded fictional event on every wednesday at 8pm that actually brings TEARS to come out of you with SADNESS. I say this mostly because it'd piss me off so badly how Extreme Home Makeover would make me all misty every damn time I watched it. You think, my God, how many times can I feel bad for a family living in poverty? Apparently the answer is, an indefinite amount of times! Everytime I would just try and enjoy the story and see what they did to the house BAM, Ty would tell me how this lady and her 8 kids were living in a house made of cotton balls and everytime it rained, one of them died!
Anyways, like I said.. that's where my hatred for crying during tv shows started. Then apparently (since I stopped watching that cry-fest of a show) all of a sudden I found American Inventor to be horribly sad, and the other night I was getting all misty watching House, of all things. I don't even like that guy! He's such an asshole that anytime you even attempt to like him as a character he does something really rude and you hate him again. Then at the end of the show, when something happens he just gets this thoughtful look on his face like something really affected him and suddenly, here I am about to cry. Whatever, House!
"I like puzzles, so I'm interested in things that don't fit."

Well aren't you complex; stop making me feel... feelings! We all know you didn't care about that cancer girl. You aren't even a real person! It's creepy for me to be even momentarily sad by this... at least American Inventor had that guy who could barely speak English who made that child-seat because his daughter died in a car accident. *sniff* I love that guy.

Oh, and I finished my 43things list. Anyone care to share theirs?


Robert said...

Ann gets a new cell phone? Didn't see that one coming ;)

annmarie said...

Ohhh snap!

mmoxxie said...

I would totally share with you, but I have no idea what your username is on 43things.

This is Grace, by the way, in case I didn't say that before.

annmarie said...

lol, i knew it was you somehow.

i figured people could post thir list in my comments.

Anonymous said...

You should try getting a cell phone with caller ID.

annmarie said...

caller ID? why, i'm sure if you called me and left a message you'd leve your number right? I'm just saying any sane person would leave their number if they wanted me to call back.

you're not crazy.. are you?

Anonymous said...

I am, but that's a seperate issue.

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