Thursday, June 15

"Now I can throw more of my sexy parties"

So on the weekend I went to a Fantasia party that one of my friends was having. Basically I ended up being completely bombed after just 2 glasses of wine and bought about $130 worth of stuff! lol. That was me trying to be conservative too. Who needs a $100 black lace corset with dimond snaps? Oh.. ME. It is pretty sweet though...

Anyways, yeah I won't embarass anyone by mentioning anything about what happened at the party (or a certain hostess getting a grab bag full of toys and dumping it out on the floor to show us with the same enthusiasm as if it were christmas morning!) but I will say that it was hilarious, and fun. I also honestly am baffled at how I got so ridiculously wasted. Like it was so obvious that I was even saying "hey, why the crap am I so drunk guys??" ... probably because I didn't really eat anything all day, but even so. Oh and I basically almost killed a girl via my coffee cake.

[Offensive tangent: By the way, who's allergic to cinnimon???????? Honestly. That's like being allergic to ... cinnimon. I got nothing. Cinnimon is already a pretty ridiculous allergy on it's own... I can't add anything to it to make it seem more ridiculous. And here I thought nothing was worse than peanuts. I don't care what you say, if a fucking peanut can take you out... then evolution is trying to tell you something. Don't pass along your inferior seed! In a couple hundred years nobody will be able to eat anything, ever again.]

So after the sexy party, I call up another friend of mine and me and my peeps head over to the pub for a while... ending the night later with two McGreaseburgers. If that doesn't explain how drunk I really was then I don't know what would.

All in all, a quality night. This weekend: Father's Day! And if anyone is contemplating getting a cat/kitten.. please for the love of God CALL ME. My mother is thisclose to turning their whole appartment into a freaking refuge. She finds them abandoned in boxes and in garbage cans. People actually throw kittens away! Have a heart. Take a damn cat.

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mmoxxie said...

Haha how fun. Dude I would totally get a cat from you, but Canada is kind of far.

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