Monday, June 26

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In HighSchool I remember I asked someone I've been friends with for a while (or they asked me and I reciprocated) ....... "So, what was your first impression of me?" and I got told they thought I was stuck up (because I always said "anyways" when I spoke.. etc.) I figured, wow, well I'm glad they decided to stick it out and be friends with me! Since then I've gotten the same deal with other people; first impressions of me that I never fully understand but accept as being the way it is. Maybe I come across a certain way and I'm totally oblivious to it. It's not vain, really, it's an honest question I'm sure everyone has thought about at some point.

So, be honest, be anonymous if you don't want me to know who you are/I don't know you (it's pretty easy, just click the anonymous button!) .... and tell me what you're first impression of me really was. YES! This is interactive, not informative or entertaining. And I'm expecting it to be bad so don't worry about offending me. If we're friends, well, even more reason right? ;)

I'm not posting on my website again until I get 15 answers.


mmoxxie said...

I don't even really remember. Obviously I thought you were cool, because here it is like 3 years later (give or take) and I'm still reading and sending cookies!

I first found your page because of a wallpaper. I'm pretty sure that you had the Kurt Halsey angel theme up at that time, because I KNOW you are the person that introduced me to him!

Kevin said...

You already know my first impression of you... and it was wrong!

cArlA said...

I expected you to be pretty cool based on the impression I got from your site, and also from what I heard about you thru Robert. When I actually met you in person, I didn't feel like you were stuck up at all. I thought you were really easy to talk to - you always think of an interesting story to tell on any topic. You smile and laugh a lot, and people usually like to be around that (unless they're totally emo or something) -so, thought you must have lots of friends. Basically, my impression was: you're a genuinely nice person & also a hell of a blast!

Anonymous said...

I thought,

"Who's that hot bitch who likes the simpsons? Damn for making me attracted to Canadians."

Robert said...

First impression from seeing your pic: No girl that hot could actually be nice

First impression from actually talking to you: OMG, she IS nice!

First impression from meeting you: We are going to be friends FOREVER!!

annmarie said...

For the record, Kevin thought I was "ditzy"

Like totally whatever! ;)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I thought you were too good to talk to me but you did anyways.

You probably still are.

Anonymous said...

I thought: she's kind of annoying but at least she has big guns.

Amber said...

i thought it was weird that your rant about hating everyone was exactly like everything i've always said but never actually written down, haha. then i thought, a lot of her friends come from people reading this site. strange. and then i thought, wow, she's kinda pretty. but then i met you. :P

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