Tuesday, July 4

Canada Day...eekend

This weekend was great! All I did was hang out with my cousins, drink, eat cherries, have bad luck at resturants, take naps, talk weddings and have Alisia's famous caps/cappuch. My dad was really awesome and drove me home too :)

So two things I'm thinking right now.. maybe three.

  1. I'm basically in love with Butter Chicken. Of course, though, it had to go ruin our love affair by being all BAD for you and shit. I'm utterly depressed about that. And I don't think I'll get over it. If you haven't tried it, you still should. Better to have loved and lost... blah blah blah
  2. I'm researching Organic Foods (fruits, vegetables and meat) so if you have any input (mainly about the industry standards for being Organic/Brands/Online links to send me) I'd really appreciate it. My area has an Organic Market in the Park but I still wouldn't mind knowing where other locations are that people like to shop seeing as I'm moving soon anyways.
  3. OMFG seriously would somebody fucking score for Italy, please? Come on!
    {Edit: Finally! Thank you}

And sort of a number four. Turning your PC into a Mac makes about as much sense as masturbating to pictures of your sister. Sure it might look good, but you're not fooling anybody... you're related! and it's wrong!!!


Anonymous said...

hey ann, i have a recipe for butter chicken thats not THAT bad for you. but i'm upstairs, and its down. i'll email it to you later.

Anonymous said...

When are we getting some pics of your get togethers and so forth, it be fun to see :)

Robert said...

It's not wrong to masturbate to pictures of your sister's FRIENDS, is it?

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