Monday, July 17

Just the facts, ma'am

  1. Brooke came over on Thursday. We drank too much. We shopped too much. It was fun.
  2. Yesterday was a fucking bitch of a hot day. I was also slightly hung-over.
  3. And hadn't eaten anything all day.
  4. That means: My stomach felt like it was full of chum (yanno the rancid fishy shit they feed to sharks) and I was braindead all day.
  5. I blacked out a few times in the midst of talking to people. Like badly. I couldn't remember the word compartmentalized. It was exactly like that episode of the Simpsons where Homer's brain goes "that's it i'm outta here.." *walks down the stairs and slams the door*
  6. I'm pretty embarassed about that.
  7. The house I want is ridiculously awesome. We saw it yesterday. I feel good about the agent. Moving in October, if everything goes well.
  8. The owners have a very unique style. I liked 95% of it but honestly, what's with all the lizards?? Where do you even buy that stuff? "Yes this is a very nice lightswitch plate, but like, do you have any with lizards on it? I have a very specific theme going on in my house."
  9. It also smelled great; even though that has nothing to do with the house at all. I'm going to ask what kind of air freshener they use. I HAVE TO KNOW.
  10. The first weekend without my grandma giving me an anxiety attack = wonderful.

Kevin says:
i sunburn after about 3 minutes
Kevin says:
i have to wear SPF 4 for indoor lighting
Ann-Marie... says:
Kevin says:
i wasn't being funny


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