Monday, July 10

Mocha is gay for we add chocolate milk.


Being a Sunday, I didn't get to celebrate really other than a glass of wine and a couple espresso's. My only encounter was on the way home, obviously people were going nuts with flags and running around the streets or whatever, but the most hilarious thing is when you looked in the rear-view mirror it basically looked like a bunch of Italians were chasing the car. It doesn't sound like such a good story but you kind of had to be there maybe.

Speaking of espresso, I was going to order this ice coffee thing and I'm standing there looking like a retard because I can't decide. In reality I can't figure out what the shit on the menu even means. So finally I just ask the guy who's been staring at me for my order (for a good long awkward 45 seconds) what is possibly the stupidest sounding question that's ever come out of my mouth.. "Uh can you tell me what's the difference between an icepresso and a chillate?" He paused for about 10 seconds. Uhh, umm.. "well, nothing, actually.. except one has more ice chunks." Proving my theory that coffee companies are determined to make me feel gay anytime I want to order anything.

I had a mocha chillatte by the way. You always want to mocha something.


Anonymous said...

Chillattes are much more fattening than Icepressos! Since you can barely tell the difference, opt for the icepresso.

ann.marie said...

Finally! Thank you!

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