Tuesday, July 18

"My new mom eats the sun"

Anyone who watched Wife Swap last night will know what I'm about to say. This weirdo raw vegan lady basically said she is "working on" perfecting this thing called Sungazing to cure world hunger. Basically you stare at the sun and the SUN gives you all the nutrients to feel full, replacing all need for food.

The Sun.

Now, I don't know much about flawed logic or anything so I looked it up in the dictionary and this exact senerio was in there. Here I'll copy and paste it for you:

Flawed Logic: To believe the Sun can cure world hunger, and yet there are numerous starving children in Africa... a place with lots of Sun.

Seriously, so after I was done laughing at this poor lady I got pretty interested in how weirdo's spread their weird ideas... like maybe some key words to look for/avoid etc. I read and read but apparently no scientific evidence is needed to convince people to stop eating except for 1) saying that the Indians used to do it, and that it gave them super-awesome night vision! and 2) reminding everyone that we only use about 10% of our brains... and that being some sort of evidence that we are magical mystical creatures, capable of flying probably.

Yeah, I agree with that. We do use approximately 10% of our brains. SOME PEOPLE EVEN REMARKABLY LESS THAN THAT.

My conclusion after rearching Sungazing and Voo-doo (Scientology)... a few key words used to identify crazy people is NATURAL and VITAMINS. But mainly, I'd just avoid anyone who claims that the side effects of anything is that it cures everything. Even the skin cancer you might get later from the sun, ya, the sun could probably cure that. Oh and make you happy again....

I'm going to start making a list of sites that I can't believe exist. Number two on the list... the National Association of Black Accountants. What?


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