Saturday, July 22

Quickly, At Once, With No Delay Whatsoever

"She'll get 4 prongs in her clavicle"

Ya ok Grey's Anatomy, you're really "street" .. It's like she's that psycho ex you never wanted to break up with because they'd cook your dog in an oven and set your car on fire. What a fucking weirdo. Like honest to god, the waitress complimented his HAT. Not "hey, you look like you have a big penis... wanna fuck me in the bathroom in 5 mins?" HAT. Ok, Ellen Crazy-Jealous?

Omg, seriously, if I didn't love this show... ugh! *angry face with teeth*
I heart everyone but her. I always have. Stupid puffy-lip squinty-eyes! I'd call her than to her face but, uh, she'd probably eat my face off. Then spit it out and go YOU WANT SOME, HUH? YOU WANT SOMMA THISSSSS?? Beating her chest and spitting out blood.

Tell me you can't totally picture that right now.


Robert said...

she is sooo not hot with that dirty street trash accent

annmarie said...

omg i know. i half expected her to put a cigarette out on her tongue.

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