Tuesday, August 22

The Auctioneer

Andrea and I have this contest going on for title of "auctioneer" via eBay. Basically I made it up for the singular reason that I want to (no.. NEED to) find a more ridiculous item than what she just bought. Don't ask why, it's just something I do. After some searching I think I have a few pretty good candidates. I don't actually want to BUY any of these because then I will own them and they're all fucking creepy things to have in your house... unless you put them in the garden, like Andrea. Anyhow, I figured I'd have a vote. Help me out.

First, let's meet our candidates:

  1. Sexy Nude and Banana Oil Painting
    (x-rated image)

  2. Cobra Snake Wine

  3. Enthusiastic Suggestions Bank

By the way, whoever buys that last item will probably enjoy a few laughs with guests at their parties before it comes to life one night and murders you in your sleep. Or possibly while watching House. That's such a great show.


Which is the weirder eBay item?


mmoxxie said...

definately the nude and banana painting. that one you dont have to worry about coming to life.

Kevin said...

I kinda like this one

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