Thursday, August 10

Beer Pong Champions

So I'm back! ...obviously. I had such a great time this week, even with the storm/tornado warning (later called a "microburst") the power outtage and high heat/freezing temperature at night... oh and the 80 million fucking bees. Just a really wonderful time considering. I almost wished it was twice as long. I've never missed the internet less, honestly.

Alisia has about 90% of the pictures so when I get them from her I'll put them up. I'm guessing this week sometime. For now you'll have to settle for some visuals of my first time playing beer pong! IT WAS AWESOME.

It all started like this: "oh I want to play, how do you play? oh ok, sorry i'm not very good" drink drink drunk "WE'RE GOING TO KICK ALL YOUR FUCKING ASSES!!!" Apparently, drinking makes me that much more competitive... and I was already pretty competitive to begin with. I actually apologized the next day for all the trash talking I did. Ya it was that bad. Everyone was like, man I thought you were so nice.. then I started yelling "you thirsty???" and when I got the ball in I shouted out DRINK!! It was pretty obnoxious.

I'm such an asshole sometimes ;)

First we beat the champs (who also played 5 games, but Maria puked later), then 2 more teams, and then this American couple who apparently has never lost... solidifying our drunken confidence that we were, in fact, the best team to ever play beer pong. After that we were challenged to a re-match by Al again because he apparently loves to lose. lol. All in all, played and won 5 games then called it a night/collapsed into bed. I should mention we played with death daquiries (like 15%), not beer (5%). I hate beer. I was so trashed that I actually started using a system where I aimed like 5 inches in front and to the left of the cup I wanted to get it in. Maybe I shouldn't give away my secrets seeing as we're going to be challenged like nobody's business next year. That's what you get for being cocky and having a rep as being devistatingly awesome and unbeatable.
And sexy.

Just thought I'd throw that in.





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