Monday, August 14

I'm gonna kill you. Exclaimation point.

I think Ray Romano should do a creepy movie role. I'm pretty sure he'd be a great serial killer, because A) if he was ever serious for even half a minute you'd already wonder what was up.. and B) I saw this 5 second commercial for this movie he did called Grilled (with the guy from King of Queens) and I hear the line "don't you think it's alright for you to eat meat, like God intended" (or something similar) but with a odd tone that at first listen I didn't think it was a comedy. I honestly thought he was some sort of cannibal, about to eat a baby or whatever. It's like when Robin Williams did One Hour Photo and you were like WHOA that wasn't funny! get away from my children!

Tell me you wouldn't pay to see Ray Romano stab someone, and smear lipstick on his chest while listening to Sade.


Sorry, this is the creepiest picture I could find.
ie. the only picture on earth where Ray Romano isn't grinning like a jackass. What's up with that??!

Which naturally leads me to this pic I found:

I love tattoo's with punctuation? What the f...


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