Wednesday, August 23

The one man band without any fans

From time to time I like to make comic strips on stripcreator. That's right, I'm a stripper. Not really. These times aren't very frequent, so, since the last time I've totally forgotten my password. I pretty much spent all day thinking about what it could be... without success. RIP old strips on stripcreator. My favourite will always be the final series "The OC"

Welcome, new strips!

Never meet your neighbors
Fights with Inanimate Objects

More to come between now and next year sometime. Or whenever I say so, basically.

Also you might/might not notice I put a link down on the side under Informative Entertainment for an album I'm listening to called Brad Sucks... I don't know what I'm doing. I emailed him, he said it was ok.

You can listen to the entire album, download it, whatever. I got the whole thing off his site, it's good. The first track is my favourite. And, though it has nothing to do with the music, I'd like to think if I ever made an album (which would never happen) that I would have named it the same thing. Except my band wouldn't be Ann Sucks, it would be Ann is Terrible. It's classier.

If you haven't voted, don't forget to vote for my eBay poll from yesterday's post.

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