Tuesday, August 29

Telus is pretty cocky

My friend Brooke was visiting me for a few days, which was really fun... but not the point of my story. When she left she sent me a text on my cell phone about something and as I was replying the auto-complete feature replaced the word "tell" with "Telus" .. as in, my phone service company. Does anyone else find that weird? I mean I totally did. Telus actually thinks I'm 1. texting my friends about them, and 2. that I do it so frequently that I need a feature to help me type it faster.

Honestly I don't even know how to finish that paragraph. I'd attempt to write an example of a text I'd send about Telus but I can't even think of one; it's that ridiculous.

Instead I'll mention you should buy a ticket for the Princess Margaret Cash Cars & Condos Lottery! I know it's expensive but look at the prizes. I'm not even sure how they make ANY money at all, but I'm sure they obviously do so don't feel too bad if you become a millionaire. By the way, remember who encouraged you to buy a ticket if you win a trip or car or something. I'm not picky. I'll take any colour car at all.

Disclaimer: By reading this you agree to give me at least $100. And I'll say "really, are you sure?" and then you'll say "it's the least I can do.... by the way, you're awesome." and then I'LL say "aww I know, but really.. I can't accept" and YOU'LL say "NO I INSIST. I CANNOT FULLY ENJOY MY PRIZE IF I CAN'T GIVE YOU THIS MONEY" and I'll conclude... "wow this is so unexpected, thank you!"

Also if the conversation doesn't happen just like that, you don't win anything... and the lottery actually repo's your existing house, cars and assets.


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