Wednesday, September 13


Yes I'm on dial-up right now, as I'm not internet-capable right now. aka handicapped. Don't pity me, it only makes me angrier.

I managed to upload two pics from Labor Day weekend.

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Hey look, it's the COMMANDER OF CHESS !!! His opponent? My best guess is the TRAVELLING CHESS MAN.. via the large blue suitcase behind him with the word CHESS on it. In my imagination, they both wander the earth playing chess... for some reason. Probably world domination, or the secret location of Pirate gold. Not depicted here is the chess literature scattered on the street, and the soundtrack to the Godfather I being blasted out of that stereo.

The second craziest thing just happened to be within 10 feet of the first.

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Homeless man bathing Homeless dog in the fountain. It'd be cute except he was ACTUALLY bathing him, as in lathering him up with some shampoo and having the dog jump into the jets of water over and over again.

I'd post the third craziest thing, but a silver painted human statue/Elvis impersonator with a sequin coat almost seems pretty normal. You've all seen one of those, right?

This week has been going good in the way of seeing my friends and family a lot LOT more than I'm used to.
Also the bridal shower was on Sunday. Everything was great, and fun, except that I got introduced first by the MC to the song "let's get loud". I'll mention that I had no idea what was going on AT ALL, that anyone was being introduced, as 8 of us are huddled in the hall looking like we're about to go fight some lions. As I was about to ask what the hell were we doing here, I hear "BLAH BLAH BLAH....Ann-Marie!!!!!" and lots of clapping. Just as my face went all "what the f..." I get PUSHED out into a room of about 200 people. I'm thinking, do I dance? No, that would be crazy. There I am waving a smiling like I was miss america, because I had NO idea what else to do. Ya that goes on my top 10 of times I've acted exactly as embarassed as I felt.

I also accidentally broke Wes' beer glass in the parking lot when he asked me to hold onto it. There's no real story for that one, I just broke it. Brooke thought it was hilarious. lol.

This week has also reminded me why I do not watch tv with anyone who doesn't watch the same shows as me. I get forced into watching things like Touched by an Angel and 7th Heaven. Both, ironically, made me want to kill myself just so I could ask God "so.. this is quality television to you? is it really? because these are all the worst actors in the history of pretending to be stuff you're not. Send me to hell so I can be entertained."

I'd also tell God that Rose marrying Simon is a TERRIBLE idea. Someone needs to whiten her teeth, please!! And those two little blonde twin boys? Kill them in an avalanche of Oero cookies. They're not fucking twins, is everyone blind?!!
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