Tuesday, September 26

Gino face rash

First of all I just want to say the whole "how bad could it be?" philosophy I had about going to this club on Saturday was totally wrong. I had a GREAT time with Andrea (+ friends I didn't know) but I did have an actual allergic reaction to what I like to think was all the gino cologne. In reality it was more likely the ridiculous heat in there + some kind of make-up... but I'm still going to tell everyone I'm allergic to ginos.

Seriously I have a rash all over my face.. STILL.

Anyhow, so we went to Mink and I meet up with Andrea in line. She's totally flipping out because someone is sick, or can't get in.. I'm not sure. She's also so ridiculously drunk that she could have probably sterilized a newborn baby just by breathing on him. Unfortunately I did not have a newborn baby with me to test that theory out. Once we get in the doors this guard goes through every single pocket of my purse! I have a lot of pockets in there so it took like 5 whole minutes. As soon as we get in, Samantha and Andrea buy two rounds of shots for all of us as I'm standing there going "no no no I'm not drinking tonight! seriously guys!" but I guess that wasn't happening. I try and meet everyone dispite there being minimal lighting (or what I like to call, "Cave Lighting") in the place and SEXYBACK is defening me. You might be saying "Ann, it's a club.. what do you expect??" but you have to remember I am totally sober, and don't enjoy being deaf in the dark.

So I try and determine just how much Andrea has had to drink by asking other people. Nobody knows. We go to the VIP section and sit down on these couches and I kinda just chill out for a while. All everyone is saying is how hot it is in there.. probably because there is about 50% more people than there should be. One girl passed out and had to be carried down the stairs by security. I guess if you want to stay positive.. I never saw that before! So, that's a plus. I'm having a great time watching Andrea, she's toasting me from the other end of the room every 3 seconds. lol. It's the greatest thing to happen to alcohol since... well, me! Samantha keeps asking what I'm drinking, I say nothing. She threatens to beat me up if I don't tell her what I want. Even if she wasn't drunk I'm sure she, in fact, could beat me up so I say "Rum and Coke please" lol.

We "dance" and I chill out and talk to some of her friends who apparently can't believe they've never met me before.. because I am so awesome. lol. I'm the only sober one but, I agree! At some point Andrea almost cuts herself off, but starts double fisting instead. I stayed till about 1am almost entirely just to see Andrea this drunk in case it never happens again. She grabbed my boobs no less than 5 times, and one time just started banging on them like drums. It was priceless, just priceless... I was fucking dying laughing. lol. It was worth the gino face rash.

Note to self: why do all girls do that to me? I should start wearing a shirt that says "ladies love these" lol.

If I get any of the pics Katherine took that night I'll post them.

As for what's been going on last week or so I've been doing this body detox thing. It's supposed to get rid of all the bad things in your body and help you be healthier etc. It's been hard. 10 days of eating nothing AT ALL. I'm on day 8. I've kept a tiny diary on the fridge of how I feel. Most of it is angry, tired, more angry ...and a confession that I licked an olive on Sunday when my grandparents and Mom came over and I ordered a pizza for them. I hadn't eaten in 6 days, and smelled pizza... don't judge me.


mmoxxie said...

You haven't eaten ANYTHING?! Is this like the juice and water fast? Cause I have wanted to try that for a long time but I don't know if I have the willpower.

annmarie said...

don't do it.. I puked day 9 and had a few black outs. so today i said i'm done.

it was lemon water.

maybe i shouldn't have worked out during it, or drank more.. whatever it is i really felt bad so i'm not recommending it.

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