Wednesday, September 27

iLove iCutethings

By the way, I got this the day it came out (I didn't know).

I traded it with Sean for my 30GB white video iPod that I got for christmas. I only use it to work out anyway, or on the bus... I never keep that many songs on it, and (don't kill me) but I never used the video feature either. Yes I know they had episodes of Lost on it, I just didn't ok? Don't try to figure me out; I'm a very complex person. Or lazy. Yeah that's the word I was looking for, sorry.

And iHate this i in front of everything! Apple needs to stop it... just stop it!!


Robert said...

How is it possible that you have become even hotter after having a kid?

Robert said...

Buh that comment was supposed to be on the entry where you posted new pics, but apparently I can't work a web browser.

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