Friday, September 22

Pajama socks, best decision I ever made!

So.. GREY'S ANATOMY LAST NIGHT. Part of me just can't believe what happened. Since when do we live in a world where some tired looking lip-implant victim can walk away from a situation where she is fucking two really hot guys and they find out.. and have them both be all "yeah, um, totally take your time... here let me kiss you to remind you I'm still around, yanno, if you decide to choose me"? Because if that's true, the minute the world became like that someone should have told me right away. Since I'm halfway attractive and have no implants anywhere, that kind of logic would mean I will end up old and alone with several cats.. and they eat me when I die. Also I would have liked to know if just so that I am not totally SHOCKED right now. She needs to pick Finn by the way. If not for a more complicated storyline/work situation.. he's just so totally cute and nice. You can't dump cute and nice, it's not allowed.

Flip a coin!? Who does that? It's basically gambling. It's like saying I can't decide what to wear today so I'll throw my clothes out the window and wear whatever gets run over by a car first.

Which is why I'm wearing pajamas and socks on my hands. Anyway. Anyone who didn't watch the show has no idea what I'm talking about so I'll move on.

Saturday we're going out for Andrea's birthday here in T.O. That should be fun since I live here but I don't really do the whole club thing that most people do when they come here. Me I'd rather go to another movie lol, should be fun though so I'm looking forward to it. Pix if I take em, sometime next week I guess.

Oh and apparently my dad is now a myspace rockstar! He's got some pretty good blogs too so go check it out/friend him, he's a pretty cool guy; which goes without saying obviously since he's MY dad.

That's about it, can't wait for the start of Lost next Monday!!! Then my life will be complete.


mmoxxie said...

is that really your dad ann-marie? cause i dont think it is.

Robert said...

Halfway attractive? Psssh... you're a fox

annmarie said...

lol yes, it's my step-dad.

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