Friday, October 20

Tyra Banks is out of her damn mind

Seriously. I nearly spit out my cereal when I watched this.. and by nearly I obviously mean that I did and it was totally worth it. I should mention I found this on I think it's possible she might be trying to mock Oprah (which is a great idea if you're a new black women talk show host) and her crazy dream giveaways. Even if that's what's going on here (which I kind of hope is the case honestly, or else she needs to be tested for drugs) she 100% failed because let me just point out right now what someone should have a while ago.. Tyra Banks is not funny. Not even ironically funny, and a lot of people are at least that.


The first annual Myspace stupid haircut awards! As someone who likes pointing out how things look a lot like other, more hilarious things... you have no idea how entertained I was by this list. It's so hard to pick a favourite, but if I really had to I'm leaning towards the Tom/Proudstar comparison. I think it was the women's jeans.

Anyways, good jerb on this guy... he even did the second annual Myspace stupid haircut awards! Which is just as good, but 8 million times as scary. I had no idea how many people really want to be superheros/are out of their damn minds.


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