Monday, October 16

Ugly is the new cute

So this week I've been away/ keeping my grandma company. I know, don't you wish I made up some other reason as to where I've been? Maybe like, skydiving camp. Ok so I was so sick and tired of skydiving all day so I went out to lunch with Brooke and her mom and I finally bought my shoes for the wedding.

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Apparently, I'm selectively indecisive.. and that has caused me to take 4 months to find a pair of fucking shoes that were the right colour. What is more ridiculous than that? Buying a pair of shoes that are the right colour that you have little to no chance of being able to walk normally in. I feel like an 8 year old in her mom's shoes. What? I'm not a hooker, ok, I need practise!

My mom isn't a hooker. I just realized what I was implying there....

So anyhow, wish me luck on that. I have until November 11th to be a "street walker" pro. By the way, someone needs to dare me to make a toast like this at the wedding. Hahaha. To pure terror!!!!

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Amber said...

who's getting married?

watch out, because if you say "me and you're not invited" there's going to be some trouble. perhaps in the form of some ruined shoes... dum dum dum!

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