Wednesday, November 29

Everything is illuminated

Visual: this weekends shopping trip

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

swarovski crystal christmas tree

Audio: overheard in a subway filled with people

middle-aged woman holding a balloon animal:
yeah well you just look like a crazy guy in a subway! like Clint Eastwood said in the movie California where I'm from .. you're just someone I'm walking away from!!!

man on a date that clearly went wrong:
ya well keep walkin'!!

I wonder why, in socially awkward situations like that, my first reaction is that if I remain completely still that I somehow become invisible. No motion whatsoever = I'm not a part of this. lol. Man, you know you're going home to a house full of cats and a lean cuisine dinner for 1 when you end dates by screaming in a subway and quoting movies nobody's seen.

Speaking of quotes.

Wes.. says:
is it wrong if i like the song maneater?


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