Saturday, December 23

Last party of 2006

Last night my cousins came over for one last party of the year, and before me, the man, and the little man move to our new house in Oakville. As the night and drinking went on OF COURSE we NEEDED to re-enact the 'dick in a box' video, pictured below for your consideration. Here's a little musical dialog that captures the whole night pretty nicely.

Antonella: christmas...
Ann: dick in a box!!
Antonella: hanukkah...
Ann: dick in a box!!
Antonella: pakistan...
Ann: what?
Antonella: islam?
Alisia: isn't it Quizno's?
Ann: no, kwanzaa!! .... dick in a box

I like how after I make the correction, I have to finish my part of "dick in a box" haha. I need closure on this anecdote! Literally we had so much fun that I just can't wait for New Years when we get to do it all again, but dressier! No really, I can't wait. I'm sleeping through Christmas and when I wake up it better be New Years eve... just place my presents around me.

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Robert said...

pakistan... hahaha that's the funniest thing I've heard since the song itself

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