Thursday, December 7

Q: Are my grillz safe for children?

Come Christmas morning, wouldn't you love to unwrap this fine piece of jewelry? And by unwrap, I mean, take out of the brown bag it shares with a pack of Virginia Slims and half-eaten smoked ham? Just look at the craftsmanship. It's as if the diamonds were actually smiling for you! Oh and incidentally, they ARE safe for children over 12. Crunk for the whole family!

Heard from my livingroom last night "Dude, why won't any lickatoads come to our fucking garden?!" & "Costalot is such a cunt" Last night Brooke and I stayed up all night playing Viva Pinata! that Sean got me.

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Best prezzie ever. It is ridiculously addicting so, in a month or so you might hear there was a pinata intervention. Until then VIVA!!


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