Friday, December 28

The whole goddamn day in bed

I am not working at all until the new year so I figured I'd get all crazy and update on my Christmas.  First of all it was fantastic.  Thanks for asking!  I hope your was also.. yadda yadda and a happy New Year.  Secondly, all of my Christmas presents have told me that 2008 will be the year of rest.  I am beyond excited about that, to be perfectly honest, I'd take that over a brand new car.  Those sleep presents include:

- Sleep Sense black sleep pants (aka. apparently my new favourite kind)
- Jersey fitted sheets
- $4000 bedroom set & fucking ridiculous awesome new mattress 
That last one is actually half a Christmas/Wedding present, but it counts!  It's a new year of relaxing and I cannot wait for it to get here!!  I can't find anything wrong with the fact I will be spending a lot of time in bed ;)  

Subsequently my entire Ikea bedroom is for sale, on the cheap, if anyone is interested.  I'm talking everything. Email me.  Put it this way... for a few hundred dollars you could have an entire bedroom that ALSO has the rare reputation of being slept naked on by me (emphasis that it's all washed and clean however).  That's right, I just put a price on something otherwise priceless!  All you have to do is come pick it up.

Saturday, December 22

Merry Christmas Everybody

It's just not Christmas until I elf myself.  

If you're not in the holiday spirit yet.. then go listen to the greatest Christmas song of all time.
21 Performers, 2 Minutes, 1 Christmas Saved.  Man, I love the Sneeze.  I wish we were friends.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas! :)

Wednesday, December 19


Said today.....

Ann to 3 year old girl:  Oh wow, look how high you can jump!
Girl: Yes I am high.

By the way, can someone can tell me what is wrong with this ad?  Here's a hint: it has something to do with plastic, balls, and infants.

Tuesday, December 18

Hot Potato

I was cooking dinner last night and had the most random memory pop into my head about playing the game Hot Potato.  You know what I'm talking about right?  The plush musical potato named "Chip O'Gratten" that you throw around and everyone gets into such wild hysterical fights about who gets to be the last one holding it.  It was so much fun!  And that little sweating potato graphic, so cute right?  When I was little I was, what's the word the daycare called me.. oh yes "saucy" and was not often allowed to play as a punishment for probably not listening to someone about something stupid I did or did not do.  It was clear that this was my most favourite game so I got to sit and watch all the other kids play with "Chip".  Anyways, I am almost tempted to go find this game and buy it and hold onto that hot potato as long as I feel like.  Haha.

Last night was pretty fun for a Monday night.  I had a really crappy day of trying to get things done AFTER the snowstorm (now I am sore and have bruises on my legs, for reals) so it was nice I got to chill with Andrea for a bit after work. We randomly ran into some friends at Sobey's whilst buying smoothies, too.  I have to mention it was midnight, btw, so that was actually random.. not just sort of.  So we hung out with them for a while talking and eating cookies.  It was about as fun as winning at Hot Potato, which from what I remember is a lot.  I think I also managed to buy Andrea's soul for my blue sweater.  I decided I want to start a collection of souls.  Haha.

On another note.. it's hard to believe Christmas is almost here.  I get to have everyone at my house this year though, and make Christmas dinner for the first time ever!  I'm sure my grandma will bring a bunch of things BUT I'm psyched, I think I can moderately not fail at doing this!  Good luck to me!

If anyone is interested here is the recipe for what I made for dinner:


4-6 steaks
8 med red potatoes
2 tbsp butter or margarine 
1 cup of milk
1/2 or 2/3 can diced tomato
5 cloves of garlic
Montreal Steak Spice (McCormick or other)
1 tbsp chives
1/2 cup of olive oil
1 tsp basil

Preheat oven to 400 F.  While potatoes are boiling, make the steak sauce.  Combine diced tomatoes in a mason jar or container, with 3 cloves of minced garlic, basil and olive oil.  Add salt and pepper.. usually a tsp of salt and a few pinches of pepper.  Lay the steaks on a broiling pan, shake the steak spice on both sides of the steaks then cover with the sauce.  Put in the oven for about 1 hour, checking after 30 mins to turn over and reapply sauce again.  

When potatoes are ready, mash with skins on, add 2 cloves of properly minced garlic, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tbsp of chives.  Add milk and butter and whip together with a handheld mixer.  I am emphasizing the mincing of the garlic so you don't get a big chunk of it while eating and have your eyes well up with tears.

Saturday, December 15

Wrong Reaction

The biggest snow storm in recent memory is supposed to be coming tonight.  On the way home from finishing our xmas shopping we heard on AM 640 that MMA fighter Ryan Gracie had died.  Very sad news.  Then a few minutes later the host had a guest on talking to her about how the storm tonight will leave us with the most snow in December since 1944.  She reacted as if someone told her the killstorm had been upgraded to level "Blood" and has already left 53 dead, and thousands of tiny kittens homeless and freezing to death in the streets.  Literally she yelled  OH MY GOD!!!!  lol.  Yes everyone please pray for me, I will be stuck in my nice warm house all weekend wrapping presents, painting the basement, eating pizza and drinking wine.  

Why is God so cruel?!  Doesn't he know I hate STORMS?

Wednesday, December 12

Today is a production

1. When people ask me to do favours for them like cut the skins off individual pre-sliced cucumbers.  Just keepin' it real: that was total bullshit.

2. When someone uses the term "mani-pedi" 

And now I'd like to tell you a little holiday story.  I may have already told you.  I call it "The Dumbest Thing I Ever Said" (Part 17 of the ongoing 1523-part series) and it takes place in the winter of 1997.  My best friend Jenny and I went to see Titanic for either the second or third time, of the total eight times we went to see it in theaters.  Wow that feels almost like a post secret right there!  Chatting through the previews, The Thin Red Line just finished and a single word came on the screen and stretched out across it, as per the graphic thin red line for the movie.  I turn to Jenny and said "...who's Chris Tmas?" 

Yeah, really!

You know what else really grinds my gears?  Seeing as I watched Titanic 8 times (3 more at home) I am practically entitled to know why the two of them couldn't fit on that door!??  It's bothered me for 10 years because it makes NO SENSE!  They didn't even attempt to look for more pieces of ship to hold on to.  It's like he wanted to die!!

By the way, my title is what a 4 year old wrote on our calendar whiteboard for Wednesday.  I thought it was hilarious.

Monday, December 10

Now that it's raining more than ever

Friday's Ill Scarlett show was so much fun.  I got this shirt.. it's pretty much my favourite.  And, because last time I was really disappointed at the shitty recordings I found online of their cover of the song Umbrella, I recorded my own video when they played it.  Of course it's also shitty, but less so since it's mine.  

Anyway I took the liberty of making a mini-mix tape for you to have something new to listen to.    If it auto-plays... SORRY.  Especially if you had your speakers turned way up for some reason.

One artist I wanted on here but couldn't get any recordings is Down With Webster.  They were one of the bands that opened at the show and honestly I wanted to hate them but I just couldn't!  Really interesting sound.  Especially their song Let Me In. They will be performing with Ill Scarlett on the 21st at the Naughty & Nice show at the Opera House.  So ..I will probably be going to that.  I like that venue anyway, less crowded-hot than the Casbah.

Next week is the dreaded XMAS shopping.  Usually I get so stressed out I end up not being as happy about what I buy, so hopefully that won't happen this time.  We are opting for thoughtful gifts that are also less expensive gifts this year, so the pressure is ON!  Trust me, expensive presents are real easy to buy.. not the other way around.  If Santa didn't have all that free labour there would be a lot of little pissed off faces around the world.  I'm pretty sure history wouldn't remember him the same way.. more like Santa, that fuckin guy who gave me a box of pebbles.  


Monday, December 3

Home Improvement 2

*This is also OOPS paint, FYI.  3 cans of it at $9 each.  At first glance I thought it was more of a Heather Grey but ended up going on and drying a slight Robins Egg Blue.  I'm going to be calling this Robins Grey Blue.  Um, yeah I took a colour naming course in University... actually it was my major. 

We decided to paint the kitchen, which was great because we were sick with the plague so what better thing to do then paint.  However, nothing helps you get over a cold faster than a sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction; or at least that's what I've been told by people who can't afford real medicine.  Personally I like to cover all my bases so I accomplished something and also bought the pharmacy out in remedies.. both placebo and real.  Just in case my ability to believe in anything at all was lost after I watched The God Who Wasn't There.  In response to the guy who commented on my last post: taking shots to cure my cold isn't an option.. that theory has been proven to simply get the cold drunk, then it gets angry, accuses me of stealing $5 from his pants and beats the shit out of me.  Yeah it's that kind of cold.  So let's see, I've bought a bunch of non generic Cold FX, Vitamin C (the tasty chewable kind), Neo Citran Cold and Cough, and Fish Oil.  That last one was just for the hell of it!  I also take iron and multivitamins everyday... so this is really fucking pilltastic.  Ugh.  Whatever though, I've determined I should definitely be feeling worse than this so I declare.. victory?!

My Fish also wanted to be included in the home improvements since I cleaned his tank.  It was looking pretty scummy due to the fact he eats and shits enough for 10 fish. 

Oh and my new zoolander phone is working pretty awesome, which I suppose is another improvement.  My babe bought it for me since he decided it was an Ann phone, and got a hot pink plate for it.  Sure it's the tiniest phone ever but it gets great reception in the house.  Something that has been sucking for quite a while.    

If I could only figure out where to talk into.


Thursday, November 29

Chocolate Rain Oops Paint

So last weekend we painted the livingroom!  This is what it looks like.  I sprained my toe in the process but it's done, it's brown, and.. I love it!  We were thinking of painting it light grey, like the kitchen, but felt like that was too cool of a colour for all the sepia we had in there.  It needed some punchy Chocolate Rain brown in there.  

Tip #1 in how to be like me: try and get lucky with some oops paint at the store.  This was a 5 dollar gallon!*

*In case you don't know what "oops paint" is, it is the paint at every store that mixes paint for you, that people have either saw and didn't like or changed their minds or didn't pick up.  Because of that the paint is ridiculously marked down in price.  Just ask where the oops section is if you don't see it.

This is my living Holiday Tree.  I just figured I would get a pic of it before it is no longer living.  I will be pretty impressed with myself if I can keep it alive until Christmas gets here!  It has sparkles on it by the way.

This is our little movie/computer set-up.  That is not where the chairs are supposed to go!  When we find a suitable desk chair that I like then maybe I will retake this picture.  I have so many movies stocked up for the winter I think I am OK if we get a snowstorm now.

Tip #2 in how to be even more like me: go to 

I have been attempting to fight off the flu with that Cold FX stuff, plus some Vitamin C and NeoCitran.  I am also drinking nothing but OJ.  Usually I do this when I am already helplessly sick beyond repair and sound like a man BUT I am trying something new.  Taking care of myself!  Haha.  If you want to be like me you ignore everything wrong with you just to, you know, "see what happens!" 

So tip #3, is buy some Cold FX, or even the generic brand which is basically just caplets of 100% organic Echinacea.  I'm feeling not so shitty, this is fantastic!

Friday, November 23

Radiator Mittens

Some pictures from Maria and Alanna's Birthday.. also Cousin Night!

Alisia, Me, Maria and Carolanne

Cousin Love

Whatever I was doing here, it was hilarious apparently.  Kinda looks like I'm telling them a story via my crotch.

Pringle Ducks?

Antonella said "let me try on your glasses so I can look smart" 
so I said "then you should probably put down the wine" 

That's my family, aww.  I think this is the only picture that exists of all us girl cousins together.  We're going to have to have some professional black out the other blonde girl.. I have no idea who she is.  lol.  Oh and those "whassamatta for you" guys in the background too, ya they can go.

Today I actually got to be out in the first snow of the year, yesterday I just watched it from my window.  I have noticed that it's one of those things that you don't miss at all until you see it.  I stood there and thought "oh yeah" like it just dawned on me that I really like snow and winter.  lol.  I think it's a universal feeling, maybe it's some kind of survival thing deep down in our DNA to remember previous wintertimes.  Like when I am 81 I will stand there and think "ah shit" instead; or "so this is the year I am going to die shoveling snow".  
Today I thought about a few times when I was a kid, what I liked to do in the snow.  One year I dug out the bottom of the picnic table to make an igloo.  2 hours later I had an igloo and I was fucking freezing.  But you know the thought of all that happy digging made me smile, especially when my mittens got completely soaked because my mom or my teachers would put them on the radiator to dry.  Sometimes you would have to go home or back outside and they hadn't fully dried yet so they were still damp, and how much that sucked.  Not all memories have to be good ones.  lol.  It made me smile because no matter what, that was just a winter thing, and nothing else.  Just like my grandma yelling at me every time I left the house to put on a hat.. wait that's not an annual thing.. that's all the time ;)

Thursday, November 22

Andrea is a frostitute

Sometimes I think my friend Andrea is probably the most entertaining person on earth.  Every time I get a  facebook message from her I piss myself just a little.  She finally saw Superbad at my place last Friday night, and basically for some reason we simultaneously agreed we needed to become superbad cops.  So I get this today... oh and you should know that Andrea owns a gun.  A pellet gun.. but you know, she thinks she's "the shit" now hahaha.

Andrea: "OK so when do you want to begin this idea of becoming superbad cops? You were serious right?
I got a spray tan for it......"

Ann-Marie: "I heard all you need to graduate superbad cop school is buying a gun and those reflective sunglasses. You're halfway there!!  Yeah I'm serious, I already bought assless chaps... I hope we needed those."

It's probably just me but whatever, I don't say it often enough how much fun it is to know each other.  And I was only half kidding about becoming superbad cops.. I think we totally should.
I'll just end this post with a joke Andrea wrote on my wall earlier this week, just for the irony that I am actually calling her hilarious.


I imagine that would look something like this...

If that doesn't remind Alaska that they hate me ....

..there we go.

Monday, November 19

Writers Strike

The writers of The Daily Show comment on the writers' strike:

All episodes of The Daily Show are available at the network website for free by the way.  They say that even if the strike ended now, getting started on production etc. we wouldn't see Heroes until January.  Now they are quickly starting up a whole line of reality dating shows... let me spoil the plot for you please: someone is either old, a fake billionaire, flavor flav or a lesbian.  Oh and then someone gets pissed off they got rejected and before you know it there's eyeliner everywhere.  This is why I don't have cable anymore, if you're curious.  All I'm saying is they better have this resolved by the time of Lost... or else.

Tuesday, November 13


Last friday was Sean's birthday.  He requested we not do anything special, so Brooke just happen to come over and we drank champagne and the only kind of wine that Sean likes in the universe of wine all night, then watched Superbad.  Totally hilarious.  I also made my Carbonara for dinner except extra 'Sean' cheesy, and let him drink out of my Medieval Times pimp chalice.  

What can I say, he's a simple man.  So for him it was hopefully the best birthday ever since it was pretty simple!  As a note to others: you should always wash your pimp chalice before you put it away for the year.  If we left it until March the wine residue would have celebrated it's first birthday.. ahh cut down in the prime of life.  The next morning we had some breakfast at Sunset and said he just wanted to spend the rest of the weekend watching movies with me and going for hot chocolate and dessert waffles.  Pretty special weekend indeed!

Tomorrow we are celebrating Maria's birthday so I think we are going out somewhere for that.  The time in between last weekend and this weekend's birthdays just involved work so nothing exciting there.  In general everyone got older, though, so I suppose there's that!

Anyway in actual life, I'm glad to say that as far as work is concerned lately I've decided I enjoy what I do and I feel lucky to do it.  I'm not going to write about work or working.. I never have, and mostly because it can get you into trouble apparently but other than that nobody really cares about what people do anymore, myself included!  And in my own journal I'm pretty sure I get the biggest vote.  I know when someone tries to tell me what they do for work I start thinking about what they would look like with a porno-stashe, or maybe if they got an Olde Tyme photo taken, are they are the kind of person that would be holding the musket or thigh pistol?  This leads to my being embarrassed that I don't know what many, but not all, of my friends do for work BUT I simply explain it's not the most interesting thing about you.   What I do want to say about what I'm doing is that I had no idea how nice it is to finally get to a point in your life where you are not just trusted with responsibilities, but someone actually says "I trust your judgement".   This isn't because I think I have poor judgement, and needed someone to give me a boost of confidence, but because I also realized lately what kind of person I really am.  I'm a musket holder.  Just kidding.. no anyway, it oddly enough came from an attempted compliment someone was giving me about arrangements I was making for them.  I decided to give them a break for a few weeks out of goodwill and all that and this woman said to me that she was so glad and thanked me for being so "accommodating".   That didn't really stand out as the positive statement it was intended as.  I thought FUCK.. I am accommodating!  I'm not very excited about coming to terms with that.  You can't fight what is in your nature, and though it has not very much to do with work since I rarely do that in business situations, it's somewhat depressing to have total strangers point out that if there is any kind of person on the planet.. you're the most likely to get taken advantage of!  Without recourse.  Just plain old, I will probably do something for you if you ask me, about 100% of the time even if I'm pissed.  Unfortunately I wasn't born stupid enough to let it pass entirely.. and this, my friends, is why I think perhaps I should have gone into some sort of hotel services work.  The only problem would be all the time I would have to put into forming personal relationships with everyone in order to get any sort of satisfaction out of it lol.  So yeah, it's pretty nice to be in a working situation where what you say is that way it is and some people really value your time and your judgement and don't consider it your job to accommodate them.  It's almost like I'm the boss or something!  Haha.  I don't think everyone can say that.. so I feel lucky.  Personal life I think more people should act like I'm the boss.  lol.  The end.

Wednesday, November 7

Indiann Jones

So instead of buying another MacBook I decided to just turn my fully functioning laptop into a desktop basically. We got a sexy keyboard, monitor and cherry armoire so.. I am not as enraged about it as I was. Looks pretty sweet and I get to sit in my comfy living room recliner as I type so don't feel too bad for me.

Before I start I just wanted to post a few screen caps I did from ads I saw in the last two days.  One of them is fake, and one is real.   The one below I saw while taking a personality test thing and I can't tell you how disappointed I am that it isn't real.  Either way the look on her face is incredible.   While on on the tangent, I got a "free PC scan" the other day from some spam and shockingly it detected like 3 serious viruses!  Which is funny since I run OS X.  Haha.

The Wendy's ad I had to check if it was actually real since I saw on the Colbert Nation website.  I just found it funny since their slogans, together, sound a little like a threat.  YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE at Wendy's... yeah... that's right.  I can only assume that what I deserve is 12 extra pounds and maybe if I like getting what I deserve frequently enough I'll also get a free heart attack.  That's right.  I should also note that since I don't watch TV anymore I am unfamiliar with ads so this may not have been as weird to you as it was to me.  

Now on to the story that happened this week that basically makes me the lady version of Indiana Jones.  So it was garbage day and I decide I should probably get some of that shit outside early in the morning so I don't forget later.  I always forget.  I get out there and the door is bolt locked behind me by some tiny little fingers.  I am wondering how this is possible since I wasn't out there for longer than maybe 30 seconds. Being as it was freezing out and I had no coat you can bet your ass I wasn't taking my sweet time!  So I try pleading at the door to open the lock for about 10 mins but it was clear they had no idea how to do that.  How it happened in the first place I have no clue.  I thought about breaking the door down but other than the fact I can't do that, I would basically be smashing a tiny little face.  I also realize at this moment there are no other doors open at this time, the side door, basement,  everything is locked. I have no coat I'll remind you.. and no phone either and of course nobody else is there but me.  I am holding off on freaking out as long as possible when I remember the upper balcony door IS open.  I remembered opening it for some reason and the only way to get to it is by leaping over from the balcony beside it.  So I get to the other balcony and am up on the edge about to jump over when I realize.. this seemed like a much better idea before I got here.  There are no other options, I remind myself, so I jump over.. hero style.. while thinking safe thoughts.  All of those thoughts didn't include me falling off a balcony, if you're curious.  

Something that ISN'T as awesome as me heroically jumping over a balcony?  Stephen Colbert got denied as a candidate!  What a great message to send young voters.. "we don't really care what you think!"  If you're interested, some guy has hired himself in the non-paying job of running so if you're interested in getting involved you can check that out.  I'm Canadian so I imagine my opinion is the same weight as of a talking ladybug.  Ah well.. 

Friday, November 2


This entry is brought to you by the abyss that is now my MacBook screen.. I have about a 3 inch window that isn't completely fucked, comparible to looking at a window with a baseball through it.

It was boughd to happen since I am careless with my things but I don't see whtat that has to do with anything... all I ask is that when I buy things they are totally indestructable! That's all!

Oh and since I cant see what I am typing, if there are any erros or spelling mistakes please comment with the correction and also leave your home address and some times you will be there. I'd really like to thank you in person, by kicking your fucking nipples off! Don't tell me you don't like that?

Monday, October 29

I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Sitney Beers.

The Halloween Party was a lot of fun. I decided to go as post-bald Britney. Without carrying annoying props like an umbrella, a bag of McDonalds, or refusing to wear underwear or a bra.. I think I did alright? I should have stuck by my I HATE MY KIDS tattoo idea, though. That would have made it a lot more obvious.

I have to mention that awesome cuppage on the porno wallpaper was in Marc's garage. I mean honestly tell me you've seen a garage like that. It was like a raunchy saloon, I love it. After the party was over, we played a bunch of drinking games, then Al passed out so we went to go mess with him. I wish I wasn't too drunk to figure out how to make my "princess leia" buns idea work. Instead I just brought some buns down and put them on his face. Haha.

When I get the rest of the nights pics you will see them pop up on my Flickr.

Now to stock up on candy for Wednesday.. who wants me to give out raisins and apples this year just to watch all their little pissed off faces? Just give me a reason, I'll do it!

Thursday, October 25

These are my little friends

So I don't usually discuss crap like this, but I say "what the hell!" to that right now.

I mentioned my uncle passed away last week, from smoking basically, and ever since I have been worried about my grandpa who is merely 6 months older than he was. I've decided that my days of not nagging about it are effectively over. It isn't in my nature to nag, I like being able to just talk to someone rationally with my concerns, but he really leaves me no choice since he is still smoking.. quite a lot. He was at my house last night for maybe 2 hours and went for 3 smokes, if that gives you some idea. Anyways! I was talking to my cousins when we initially found out my uncle died and, along with an unusually high number of family tragedies in 2007, I made the comment that I don't think the family can handle any more bad news. That is very true.

So of course I had a dream last night that my uncle Peter and my Mom died at the same time. Obviously we were all devastated. I went through a few drawers of her stuff and saw a bunch of baby clothes my mom saved of mine, like my first tee shirt "I was born at Henderson Hospital" which does actually exist in real life. Dreams really like to add that bit of reality to screw with you. My mom always keeps a billion photo albums in her room so I decided to go back for that too, or I was sure they'd be lost, and there were many pictures of us together (I'm not sure what the rush was but there was, and my grandma was annoyed with me) so as I was looking for them I realize we just walked into my mom's "viewing room" and her body is up on some level thing with a huge lace sheet over it. Kinda like a topper cake... so I look over at the creepiness of the body, and then look at my grandma who is waiting by the door when suddenly her body COMES BACK TO LIFE! We both scream and my grandma is basically immobilized by a massive shock heart attack. This is totally zombie too because my mom is now evil and muttering shit to me like I'm going to kill you, and I am being pulled towards her by something invisible. I try to crawl away but I'm stuck, I can't. I am sure my grandma can't help me because she is likely about to die herself from shock, and then I start thinking why is my mom haunting me???? That's not cool!

Ok maybe I should have mentioned the day before we were watching Planet Terror. Maybe.

Speaking of zombies. I hate union gas!!!!!! They raped us today and I .. I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say utilities are the one thing about Oakville that is horrifyingly outrageous, and they know there's nothing you're going to do about it! I should start my own "on notice" list:
  • smoking
  • zombies
  • the gas company

    Other than that everything is going just peachy. Halloween party tomorrow night! My costume is a surprise, but here's a hint (It's not red riding hood).

Tuesday, October 23

Colbert Nation

You know what, even though it's a joke, I hope he gets really close to winning. Saddest day I ever spent in America was their last election and it went something like this:
Oh man Times Square is nuts right now, this is great!.. am I at CNN live? Cool, hey, that is totally Larry Kings ass. I should call someone and see if they can see me. Wait, what? WHAT HE FUCKING WON???
So sad. And apparently Colbert is already leading in the fake election on facebook. Ahead of Optimus Prime and Skeletor. Impressive! I wish we had an Optimus Primeminister :(

Friday, October 19

type www. and don't ask me why

Part of me is happy I found my way around my blogger problem, the other part is totally PISSED I had to spend so much time on it. It's not even actually fixed I just managed to trick it into doing this so I can stop using dreamweaver like a complete idiot. So just remember to type www. before it or else it just won't work for you. That's how it's gonna be.

But why don't you update every day anymore, Ann? I don't like reading the same post all week, ok. I have a strict surfing schedule and you're making poor use of my time!

This is because it takes me 3 days to write one and publish it and host all my fucking shit like an IDIOT and then I don't even want to do it anymore!! so I let it sit for another couple days because the number of things I do for fun is very limited, and this should be one of them. Computers aren't actually very fun.

So anyway, the Ill Scarlett concert was 'CAPS' AWESOME. If it weren't for blogger I would have had to get my hands shot off not to update about it. That night included a new kind of wine that had some kind of fancy poetry on it. Wine doesn't just get you drunk these days, it makes you think. We saw Melissa's huge scrapbook of Japan... like its actually just a very large scrapbook.

We headed to the concert, got waaaay too close

After I almost died 55 times, we decided to enjoy the show from a safe distance like the 25 year olds we are. lol. They were so fucking good, I don't think I've been this impressed with a band I never heard of after hearing them play since Saves the Day. My favourite part was their cover of Rhianna's Umbrella. If I could find a decent recording online I'd show you. Anyway we're going to try and see their last local shows next Friday in London and the Saturday the following weekend in T.O. because honestly, there is no way they will be able to play small venues for very much longer. They are just that damn good. Also I am dying to buy one of the shirts I saw but had no cash left for... I don't care if I have to drive to London fucking England. I say that knowing that's impossible.

BEST part was after the amazing show the lead singer, Alex, was talking to everyone at the bar.. signing things.. drinking.. you name it. Andrea, Me and Steve actually got to hang out with him for a while and it was pretty fucking cool.

Such a nice guy.. oh and maybe a little hot. I wish I could tell you what I personally talked about but basically all I recall was saying that Andrea was a bad influence. Hahaha. Hey when it's true, it's true! I think Andrea needs to marry him, or Steve.. I really don't care.

On a totally different note, this week has been pretty terrible. I won't really go into detail on it but my grandmother's brother suddenly passed and his funeral was yesterday. It was very sad since just last week was his daughters wedding we all went to, and, yeah.. not a particularly nice way to see the family again so soon. Anyhow, from now on I am probably going to update more frequently but I can't promise it won't all be about how much I dislike the gas company.

Friday, October 12

What I am really Thankful for

The past weekend was hellishly busy with the FRIDAY wedding (who does that??) and it went fine, my mother and her cross-dressing gay friend were gone before I got there. I was too tired to witness that kind of a scene anyways. We were very late which sucked but there was some food at the Midnight table and we caught up in the drinking pretty quick! Of course all the pics I have happened at the end of the night. You know that part of the night you are tempted by the infamous "devil drink" .. aka the one in the term one too many that you are pretty sure you can have, but finally pisses your liver off so much that it actually crawls out of your body and you can't find it for a few days. I didn't have one of those, and this Thanksgiving that is officially what I am thankful for!

Thanksgiving dinner went alright as well, I am just beyond tired out from it. It all feels like one big foggy drive in the woods and a day full of more food than I could name right now without taking way too long to type it. The Harvest Festival we went to was awesome, though. The longer I live here the more I really love the area. It's pretty cool to have your house be a 15 minute drive from this.

Andrea and I are headed to the Ill Scarlett show tonight @ La Luna. I really love seeing bands there, so it should be fun.....annnnnd I need to get ready actually so I'm going to go now. The rest of the weekend I will be doing what I want to do most. NOTHING AT ALL :) Yaaaay.

Wednesday, October 3

I dunno... One?

Reminds me of one time I called the police on my mom for something stupid, because I just learned it that day in school. Really, why teach kids 911 at all?? haha. Oh right, to save lives.

So just to let you know I am in HATE with all things blogger and wordpress related. I am trying to convert this site back to easy-peasy street and it seems to not be working out. Lesson learned: don't fix something that isn't broken. But this was such a cool layout, wasn't it? Well anyway that's what is with all the delay. To catch up I will just tell you 5 random events that occurred.

1. Rob and Manon came over for dinner on Thursday. We had some late conversation, they brought me the best Italian wine ever, and I made my creamy carbonera, green beans and rainbow cake for dessert. I am glad they enjoyed it, and I had fun too.

2. Rob gave me his old camera, so I have one now! Yay for that! It was my main motivation to make a really yummy dinner since he absolutely refused to let me give him any money. How nice is he, seriously... so all I had left was making him eat my food. You simply can't refuse food! It's not gentlemanly.

3. I am still learning to use the camera .. but it came in handy when we went shopping Saturday afternoon. A bunch of Hockey players were dressed in women's clothes and doing poll dancing in the food court. I went "omg where is my camera!" as usual but this time I said OH HERE IT IS! *click*

4. I have been using my camera phone, shittily, whenever I saw stuff like this happen.

These are two of them. A van who put a decal of Newfoundland on his back window, and an old Austin Mini Cooper with station wagon wood paneling. I doubt I will see either ever again but for the first one I especially hope I don't. I wonder how that conversation went at the Auto Body place.

Newfie - I see on your sign here that you do window tinting

Auto Guy - That's right, window tinting and decals.. we have a special on right now

Newfie - Well I do love my van. Hmm, can you make me one that is an outline of the province of Newfoundland?

Auto Guy - Yes.. sadly.. we can
do that

Newfie - GREAT!

5. I am in love with this... oh how I would wear you everyday! We would have so much fun.

but I found out it costs a ridiculous $160-$200.. so we can never be :( </3

Wednesday, March 21

Mommy's Little Helper

Here's a pic from Maria's wedding that I got off Antonella, of the bridal party. Cute, aren't we? Notice how many drinks are in front of me and Antonella compared to everyone else.

Anyhow I didn't end up going out for St. Patty's.. but, I say yay to that! Honestly I don't know how obvious it was or not but I was still very hung over from my sticky-note night before and not everybody could come out anyway, it turned out, so we saved it for this weekend (my birthday.)

If you're hard up for gift ideas, I just recently discovered seeing as I'm a compulsive online browser. Even if something was 2 cents I would still have to think about it before making a purchase. You find all kinds of stuff on there that people recommend that they've bought/used, like Patron Silver Tequila! With the utterly terrible member recommendation by "Jezebel" where she simply comments "mommy's little helper" .. just wow. I think Maury did a show based on mothers who buy alcohol online. Or he should.


It might be hard to believe after this post but about 99% of everything I do isn't alcohol related, but I'm just on such a roll right now I'm going to stop here.

Friday, March 16

Note to self:

You know you've truly reached adulthood when you come to your computer in the morning and there is a note in the middle of your desktop that reads:

That's right, I actually scolded myself in the future for getting a hangover! The worst part is I can't even argue! unless I have a time machine.. and I'm pretty sure mine is currently broken. Good advice though.

This on the eve of St. Patty's, the vomiting holiday! And my first pub crawl, wish me luck.. maybe I should bring sticky-notes with me.

Jesus, who's bringing sexy back?

Sunday, March 11

It's better to un-impress then to under-impress

"Hey can you hold on, I've been looking for my cell phone the entire time we've been talking and I can't find it anywhere!"

The night started a little late, which was a great indicator of how late it would be. At 10pm we drove out to St. Catherines, pretty much just to change our minds about waiting in line somewhere (we don't DO lines!) and went to see the band "The Feels" As you can see from my pictorial evidence Andrea took over my cell phone by this point because hers died, probably from embarrassment because she couldn't find it while she was talking on it. I mean if I were a cell phone I would probably die if that happened to me. She's crazy! Haha. Then we went to Moffort's around 3am-4am (if you count the new daylight savings) and Scott was really nice treated us to some chicken shwarma.

I'm not sure exactly why or how but I fail at eating shwarma, by the way. I fail at it as much as Andrea fails at talking on the phone.. which is, without a doubt, 100% completely.

Fun fun night.

Saturday, March 10

Happy Birthday Rob

I got this for my friend Rob for his birthday, but then I got stuck in an elevator shaft and I had to use it and the moons gravitational pull to get myself out. I hope he didn't need it. Happy Birthday! And I'm sorry I couldn't make it out to your dinner tonight but apparently instead I am going to be an escort in the drunker half of a girl on girl twosome. It's what Rob would have wanted....

i have to go to a bar in st. kitt's to meet a friend but i am not staying late. but i didn't want to go alone b/c i want to drive myself so i can leave whenever i want

do u want to be my escort?

btw i'm lesbian now


but don't worry i only date black women

for sure. ah damn, my dreams crushed again! i already bought a flannel shirt just in case.
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