Sunday, January 7

aaand scene!

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Mr. HANDS!!?? THE CASE OF Mr. Hands!!!?

Ok so the housewarming party last night could have involved more people but still managed to be way too much fun. I love playing Scene It!! Mostly because when it comes to pop culture I kick so much ass that my doctor advised me to use a prosthetic foot from now on to prevent injury to myself.

Incidentally the more I drank the more my awesome game skillz became total crap... and my awesome new skillz to swear constantly was heightened!

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Definitely need to do that again :)


mmoxxie said...

The Format is from here. They went to my rival high school. One of their brothers went to my high school.

annmarie said...

The Format = ice cold cool.

Am I totally retarded or is it virtually impossible to friend you on graciebaby027?

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