Monday, January 1

Best foot forward

New house. New year. So far in 2007 life is good!

Pics & actual update coming in the next few days, including the story of being literally chased out of the bar by the worst waitress in history! Even worse than Hitler's personal "killing" waitress, and that waitress that served nothing but rat poison to children. Yep, children used to frequent the ye olde pubs. I know since I basically wrote history (as I saw fit to be interesting to me).

I hope everyone had a good one! :)


Robert said...
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Robert said...

Let me guess... her service was horrible, you had to get all your drinks from the bar, so you left a shitty tip and she chased you out to confront you?

That waitress is famous at that place. Everyone has a run-in with her eventually.

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