Tuesday, January 16

Customer Service that makes Customers Nervous

Situation #1: Renting a movie at Blockbuster

What would normally happen?
Walk in, look confused for about a minute, get the attention of a employee standing nearby.

Customer - hi excuse me, can you tell me about what's new?
Employee - yes this and this just came out this week.
Customer - oh, well I don't know what to rent.. what would you recommend?
Employee - personally I thought so and so was a great film, and also this other movie. both are really worth renting.
Customer - thanks!

What Actually Happened?
Walk in, greeted at the door by an employee who likes to talk 30 inches from my face.

Movie Boy - HI canihelpyou?
Customer - uhh.. hah no, I will just look around thanks
Movie Boy - are you sure you don't need any help?
Customer - well I just walked in, I don't know I haven't looked at any movies yet.. are there any really good new releases?
Movie Boy - Well this and that came out.. they look SCARY! Do you like those kinds of movies?
Customer - well that depends, are they any good?
Movie Boy - I have no idea
Customer - I see.. *feels like she's in a scary movie*
Movie Boy - *silent, yet still following customer*
Customer - ok well I think I'll just keep looking thanks
Movie Boy - make sure you come find me if you need any help!

Situation #2: Picking up a tub of butter in the dairy isle

What would normally happen?
Just pick up the butter and put it in the cart.

What Actually Happened?

55 year old Stock Boy - *interrupts customer talking* can I help you??
Customer - uhhhh *looks around* no... just getting some butter here....
55 year old Stock Boy - did you know it was the kind with olive oil in it???
Customer - ......yes
55 year old Stock Boy - ok just making sure that's what you wanted
Customer - it... is, thanks

Ya. Yet you go to an emergency room and nobody even notices you're there for 3 hours.
2 parents who think anyone allergic to peanuts should die + 1 kid who has a peanut allergy = actual proof the universe has an ironic justice department.

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mmoxxie said...

Ok, I totally know what you mean about the customer service thing.

You totally lost me on the peanuts...whiskey tango foxtrot?


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