Monday, January 22

My ass needs to marry this chair

Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association

Panasonic massage loungers are the first chairs to be approved by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), the largest professional association in the world representing doctors of chiropractic. In fact, this distinction represents the first massage chair endorsement given by the ACA. Recognizing the many health benefits of regular massage, the ACA found that Panasonic massage chairs provide outstanding deep-tissue relief, which can temporarily relax tense muscles, offering an ideal complement to chiropractic manipulation.

Body Scan Technology for a Personalized Massage
The RealPro Elite™ Massage Lounger uses Body Scan technology to deliver a massage that's personalized for your body. You'll also get 185 square inches of back massage, 25% more than our previous massage lounger with Body Scan technology. When you sit down, pressure sensors on the massage heads scan your back for 20 seconds and then locate the tops of your shoulders. The massage is then contoured to your spine's curvature for a tight and proper massage.

Full Body Air Massage System
A total of 33 air bags (that's 614 square inches of air massage!) work together, pressing and squeezing tired muscles, to relax multiple parts of the lower body. As they simultaneously inflate and deflate in varying patterns and speeds, the tension in your seat, hips, thighs, calves, shins and feet miraculously dissipates:


  • Hips/Seat

  • Soothing squeezing for relaxation of muscles and increased circulation

  • Thighs

  • Applies pressure to the muscles in the thighs, which relieves tightness and tension while increasing blood circulation.

  • Calves/Shins

  • Kneading and loosening of the calf muscles and shins.

  • Feet

  • Upward pressure is applied for the ultimate relief.
Five Pre-programmed Massages
The RealPro Elite™ Massage Lounger has four 14-minute and one 5-minute pre-programmed massages varying in intensity.
  • Shiatsu - Firm style of massage that includes squeezing and finger pressure.
  • Deep - Slow kneading will relax tight muscles.
  • Swedish - A softer massage for a tired body.
  • Stretch - General program that uses a variety of massage movements.
  • Quick - Incorporates most of the massage techniques in a wonderful 5-minute massage.

3 Personal Memory--18 programs including Self-Program
Six programs (Four 14-minute Pre-Programs, One 5-minute Quick Program and One 14-minute Self Program) can be personalized and saved for three people.

Easy-to-use Remote with Voice Guide & LED Screen
The remote on the Panasonic RealPro Elite™ Massage Lounger allows for a complete personalized massage at the touch of a button. And our helpful voice guide takes you through your massage experience every step of the way.


We were shopping yesterday and I sat in this chair.. and now it's all I can think about. It's more than a chair.. it's almost alive! I NEED IT. Especially after the past two days, really stressful to have a big party at your house... but especially when you leave your own party full of people to pick up the food you ordered and they tell you that they never even heard of your order! Mild heart attacks are so good for you. I'd post some pictures of the party right now but lucky me, my camera got dropped and broken. lol. Other than that I had a lot of fun, especially at the no-kids party later. The only thing better than sitting in that chair would be sitting in it while eating Andrea's spinach dip.

It was like the Swedish massage chair of dips.


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