Sunday, January 28

What is new, what is not

With all the January birthdays it's been pretty busy this entire month basically. Busy is good, and busy birthday is better! It means I get a lot of cake coming my way. Fittingly I had about 80 conversations about hitting the gym and Andrea motivated me (partially because she works there and works out constantly) to be her new gym buddy. It's like bracelet buddies but instead of gay jewlery we are just going to be in really good shape. So really it's nothing at all like bracelet buddies, and I'm just tired, and making refrences to Friends, and confusing you.

Today was a really good start, we did all back muscle weight machines and she was great at showing me exactly how to do things the right way. It was very informative and Andrea said I was her best student! lol. That is probably because I don't enjoy doing things the wrong or easy way, and basically wasting my own time. I am a big fan of my own time. After that we went to get My Thai and chatted about how I'm going to organize an intervention if she orders the Mango Chicken one more time. She seriously eats it at least 3 times a week.. it's a sickness! She even told it "I love you, mango chicken" before she ate it... and I am NOT kidding.

New things in my life:

Sean got me a replacement for my broken camera and it kicks so much ass. He's so the best that I will forget that he broke my camera to begin with. lol. This one is titanium so I don't think I will have another issue with dropping it, etc. Which really makes me wonder, why aren't more things made of titanium? Also, is baby corn really corn? It seems like it was mislabeled and might be another vegetable altogether that just looks like mini corn.

I was already wondering that from earlier though.

Also this entry is the first from my new Macbook Pro. It is pretty damn cool, too. My other mac did not break but I was looking for an upgrade for a while and although I now seem incredibly spoiled, it just happen to be on the same day as my camera. And it's not even my birthday yet! So save up, bitches. I'm kidding, all I really need is like, a boat. So if everyone wants to go in on getting me a boat I will totally give you all rides. You know, whenever I have time. I am going to stop now before anyone thinks I'm being even 1% serious.

Not new:

I still really want that massage chair... why must you be 5 THOUSAND dollars??

Robert says:
i've been listening to gangsta rap all afternoon
i might forget how normal people talk to women

Robert says:
i think if you took out all the times Dr Dre tells some bitch to eat a dick, he'd have one song left, and it would be about drinking hennessey


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