Sunday, February 25

And the winner is...

In honor of the Oscars on tonight I'd like to give out one award, via internets:

Justin's Party last night wins for Bloodiest Party of the Year!
Where two people bled all over the place on two completely separate and disgusting occasions!

I'm so happy I can finally cross "watch guy who totally deserved it get hit in the face and blood pour out of his nose" off my life's to-do list. It was kind of at the bottom of the list though... so it's not that great or anything. Not like "actually punch some guy who totally deserves it in the face" which is pretty much in my top five.

And to anyone who watched the pre-show interview crap just now, I had no idea that an 8 foot tall gay man could stand out 80% more if he drapes himself in purple. Amazing.


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