Saturday, February 10

Dear Everyone

As you should know, I am turning the HUGE UNBELIEVABLY GIGANTIC ANCIENT AND HORRIFYING age of 25 soon. Soon as in 45 days, soon. I realize that I said I was totally fine with that, and in the grand scheme of things that I feel that I have experienced a lot of life in that time... but apparently I am a fucking liar now and it's all because of the following experience today in the car.

While driving past a party packagers store Sean mentioned how we should go in. I say, what for? He says oh duh it's your birthday soon and we should get me some party stuff. I laugh and say "ah naaah that's ok, it's not that big of a deal.. I mean I guess, but it's only 25" And he proceeds to casually mention how after 25 you stop your growing and then basically begin your slow decent into the inescapable hands of DEATH. I'm not joking he really said that. To ME. So I reply, ok let's have a huge party because I want everyone to celebrate how I'm dying. Oh man won't that be so fun? We could all just sit and watch me rapidly age right before your eyes, and later I could put out my birthday candles with my tears! and when I tell everyone that my wish was to NOT die we will all have a really good laugh, and I'll get told I have a great sense of humor for someone in my condition.

So anyway, I did a little research and discovered nobody has invented the Time Machine yet, so I made a little wishlist from a really cute store that was a hell of a lot more fun before I started thinking about my birthday.. ironically. My fave is the bedroom set, so cute. Also I've been told it's horribly difficult to actually order anything for me off of there so don't worry about it but thanks for the thought if you were ;)


Neurotically yours,


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