Friday, February 16

What time is it?

I realized that I actually just want this for my birthday. Medium. I would wear it constantly, and exclaim it to others anytime I'm asked what time it is. My life would finally be complete!

Instead of pics of my car burred in the death snow, which are locked away on my camera, I'll show you what my baby got me for valentines... because I'm apparently wonderful :)

No, not new boobs, it's a diamond Forever necklace and it's so pretty. I refuse to call it "bling" though because that's a word reserved for hookers and guys with metal in their mouths.

I got him some...

It's made with real bits of Panther.. so you know it's good.

Hopefully if we go to dinner tomorrow night we will wear both. If I don't update for a while you can assume I'm devastated because Sean was probably sexually assaulted by Panthers, and killed.

What a way to go though, right? Much cooler than getting hit in the face with a tire.

1 Comment:

Ian said...

60 percent of the time it works every time...

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