Tuesday, February 27

wuz ^ ?

I found this at FOUND Magazine, here. Which is a completely hilarious site full of trash. Just the way I like it ;)

I'm not sure if I should go out with you? Real smooth. Who knows how many times he wrote and erased that last sentence and that's the best one he came up with??? Haha. 10$ says he is gay, am I right ladies?

I bet that weekend they totally went to the movies and didn't hold hands, but thought about it a lot and their hands accidentally touched when she went to re-apply her tween SuperShine lipgloss and he puked all over her. FOR REALS. Narrating the rest of the story in my head is so much fun sometimes that I rather not even know the actual ending. Do you?

Check out FOUND Magazine and you can do it all day long!

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Your Homegrrl,


Amber said...

clearly, that is the most awesome thing ever. i remember, being a dork like that, lol. although, i never did anything that sad.

Brooke said...

Haha! I have an entire stack of letters like that from Luke Jenkins, my grade 8 Homie-G boyfriend! LOL Do you remember those, Ann? I should scan one and send it! It's worse than this one.

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