Saturday, March 10

Happy Birthday Rob

I got this for my friend Rob for his birthday, but then I got stuck in an elevator shaft and I had to use it and the moons gravitational pull to get myself out. I hope he didn't need it. Happy Birthday! And I'm sorry I couldn't make it out to your dinner tonight but apparently instead I am going to be an escort in the drunker half of a girl on girl twosome. It's what Rob would have wanted....

i have to go to a bar in st. kitt's to meet a friend but i am not staying late. but i didn't want to go alone b/c i want to drive myself so i can leave whenever i want

do u want to be my escort?

btw i'm lesbian now


but don't worry i only date black women

for sure. ah damn, my dreams crushed again! i already bought a flannel shirt just in case.


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