Sunday, March 11

It's better to un-impress then to under-impress

"Hey can you hold on, I've been looking for my cell phone the entire time we've been talking and I can't find it anywhere!"

The night started a little late, which was a great indicator of how late it would be. At 10pm we drove out to St. Catherines, pretty much just to change our minds about waiting in line somewhere (we don't DO lines!) and went to see the band "The Feels" As you can see from my pictorial evidence Andrea took over my cell phone by this point because hers died, probably from embarrassment because she couldn't find it while she was talking on it. I mean if I were a cell phone I would probably die if that happened to me. She's crazy! Haha. Then we went to Moffort's around 3am-4am (if you count the new daylight savings) and Scott was really nice treated us to some chicken shwarma.

I'm not sure exactly why or how but I fail at eating shwarma, by the way. I fail at it as much as Andrea fails at talking on the phone.. which is, without a doubt, 100% completely.

Fun fun night.


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