Thursday, March 1

Lousy Smarch Weather

Here's some pics of the Bloody Party, no blood though. Up on

^ this is the point, after reviewing the set, that I should have went to bed. Just FYI, if you ever see me and Antonella take a picture like this.

So now I pretty much have the flu; actually I've likely had it for a few days but now is when I'm feeling it. I'm not all that surprised since I've been taking care of my baby all week sick with the flu, plus this fucking weather is weird. So today I am attempting to 'take it easy' .. whatever that means. There's a really fine line between easy and bored, though.

To add to the awesomeness of being sick, I see that there is absolutely nothing even remotely interesting on tv everyday from 11:00am until whenever Ellen comes on. (You could lessen that time to 8:00am if you don't find paternity tests fascinating.) This is because:
1. Martha Stewart is the devil (and getting fatter, have you noticed?)
2. You couldn't pay me to watch those crazy bitches on The View
3. I refuse to watch Price is Right because I think it's wrong to witness and old man die in front of a national audience. It's got to be some form of being in hell to spend your last days on earth explaining Plinko and counting change that never equals more than a dollar.

I think I will see how Viva Pinata looks on the new TV, rather than Martha's fat ass cakes. This is the one moment in my life I've least wanted cake.

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carla said...

i love smelling like cotton candy! :) get well soon

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