Wednesday, March 21

Mommy's Little Helper

Here's a pic from Maria's wedding that I got off Antonella, of the bridal party. Cute, aren't we? Notice how many drinks are in front of me and Antonella compared to everyone else.

Anyhow I didn't end up going out for St. Patty's.. but, I say yay to that! Honestly I don't know how obvious it was or not but I was still very hung over from my sticky-note night before and not everybody could come out anyway, it turned out, so we saved it for this weekend (my birthday.)

If you're hard up for gift ideas, I just recently discovered seeing as I'm a compulsive online browser. Even if something was 2 cents I would still have to think about it before making a purchase. You find all kinds of stuff on there that people recommend that they've bought/used, like Patron Silver Tequila! With the utterly terrible member recommendation by "Jezebel" where she simply comments "mommy's little helper" .. just wow. I think Maury did a show based on mothers who buy alcohol online. Or he should.


It might be hard to believe after this post but about 99% of everything I do isn't alcohol related, but I'm just on such a roll right now I'm going to stop here.


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