Monday, October 29

I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Sitney Beers.

The Halloween Party was a lot of fun. I decided to go as post-bald Britney. Without carrying annoying props like an umbrella, a bag of McDonalds, or refusing to wear underwear or a bra.. I think I did alright? I should have stuck by my I HATE MY KIDS tattoo idea, though. That would have made it a lot more obvious.

I have to mention that awesome cuppage on the porno wallpaper was in Marc's garage. I mean honestly tell me you've seen a garage like that. It was like a raunchy saloon, I love it. After the party was over, we played a bunch of drinking games, then Al passed out so we went to go mess with him. I wish I wasn't too drunk to figure out how to make my "princess leia" buns idea work. Instead I just brought some buns down and put them on his face. Haha.

When I get the rest of the nights pics you will see them pop up on my Flickr.

Now to stock up on candy for Wednesday.. who wants me to give out raisins and apples this year just to watch all their little pissed off faces? Just give me a reason, I'll do it!

Thursday, October 25

These are my little friends

So I don't usually discuss crap like this, but I say "what the hell!" to that right now.

I mentioned my uncle passed away last week, from smoking basically, and ever since I have been worried about my grandpa who is merely 6 months older than he was. I've decided that my days of not nagging about it are effectively over. It isn't in my nature to nag, I like being able to just talk to someone rationally with my concerns, but he really leaves me no choice since he is still smoking.. quite a lot. He was at my house last night for maybe 2 hours and went for 3 smokes, if that gives you some idea. Anyways! I was talking to my cousins when we initially found out my uncle died and, along with an unusually high number of family tragedies in 2007, I made the comment that I don't think the family can handle any more bad news. That is very true.

So of course I had a dream last night that my uncle Peter and my Mom died at the same time. Obviously we were all devastated. I went through a few drawers of her stuff and saw a bunch of baby clothes my mom saved of mine, like my first tee shirt "I was born at Henderson Hospital" which does actually exist in real life. Dreams really like to add that bit of reality to screw with you. My mom always keeps a billion photo albums in her room so I decided to go back for that too, or I was sure they'd be lost, and there were many pictures of us together (I'm not sure what the rush was but there was, and my grandma was annoyed with me) so as I was looking for them I realize we just walked into my mom's "viewing room" and her body is up on some level thing with a huge lace sheet over it. Kinda like a topper cake... so I look over at the creepiness of the body, and then look at my grandma who is waiting by the door when suddenly her body COMES BACK TO LIFE! We both scream and my grandma is basically immobilized by a massive shock heart attack. This is totally zombie too because my mom is now evil and muttering shit to me like I'm going to kill you, and I am being pulled towards her by something invisible. I try to crawl away but I'm stuck, I can't. I am sure my grandma can't help me because she is likely about to die herself from shock, and then I start thinking why is my mom haunting me???? That's not cool!

Ok maybe I should have mentioned the day before we were watching Planet Terror. Maybe.

Speaking of zombies. I hate union gas!!!!!! They raped us today and I .. I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say utilities are the one thing about Oakville that is horrifyingly outrageous, and they know there's nothing you're going to do about it! I should start my own "on notice" list:
  • smoking
  • zombies
  • the gas company

    Other than that everything is going just peachy. Halloween party tomorrow night! My costume is a surprise, but here's a hint (It's not red riding hood).

Tuesday, October 23

Colbert Nation

You know what, even though it's a joke, I hope he gets really close to winning. Saddest day I ever spent in America was their last election and it went something like this:
Oh man Times Square is nuts right now, this is great!.. am I at CNN live? Cool, hey, that is totally Larry Kings ass. I should call someone and see if they can see me. Wait, what? WHAT HE FUCKING WON???
So sad. And apparently Colbert is already leading in the fake election on facebook. Ahead of Optimus Prime and Skeletor. Impressive! I wish we had an Optimus Primeminister :(

Friday, October 19

type www. and don't ask me why

Part of me is happy I found my way around my blogger problem, the other part is totally PISSED I had to spend so much time on it. It's not even actually fixed I just managed to trick it into doing this so I can stop using dreamweaver like a complete idiot. So just remember to type www. before it or else it just won't work for you. That's how it's gonna be.

But why don't you update every day anymore, Ann? I don't like reading the same post all week, ok. I have a strict surfing schedule and you're making poor use of my time!

This is because it takes me 3 days to write one and publish it and host all my fucking shit like an IDIOT and then I don't even want to do it anymore!! so I let it sit for another couple days because the number of things I do for fun is very limited, and this should be one of them. Computers aren't actually very fun.

So anyway, the Ill Scarlett concert was 'CAPS' AWESOME. If it weren't for blogger I would have had to get my hands shot off not to update about it. That night included a new kind of wine that had some kind of fancy poetry on it. Wine doesn't just get you drunk these days, it makes you think. We saw Melissa's huge scrapbook of Japan... like its actually just a very large scrapbook.

We headed to the concert, got waaaay too close

After I almost died 55 times, we decided to enjoy the show from a safe distance like the 25 year olds we are. lol. They were so fucking good, I don't think I've been this impressed with a band I never heard of after hearing them play since Saves the Day. My favourite part was their cover of Rhianna's Umbrella. If I could find a decent recording online I'd show you. Anyway we're going to try and see their last local shows next Friday in London and the Saturday the following weekend in T.O. because honestly, there is no way they will be able to play small venues for very much longer. They are just that damn good. Also I am dying to buy one of the shirts I saw but had no cash left for... I don't care if I have to drive to London fucking England. I say that knowing that's impossible.

BEST part was after the amazing show the lead singer, Alex, was talking to everyone at the bar.. signing things.. drinking.. you name it. Andrea, Me and Steve actually got to hang out with him for a while and it was pretty fucking cool.

Such a nice guy.. oh and maybe a little hot. I wish I could tell you what I personally talked about but basically all I recall was saying that Andrea was a bad influence. Hahaha. Hey when it's true, it's true! I think Andrea needs to marry him, or Steve.. I really don't care.

On a totally different note, this week has been pretty terrible. I won't really go into detail on it but my grandmother's brother suddenly passed and his funeral was yesterday. It was very sad since just last week was his daughters wedding we all went to, and, yeah.. not a particularly nice way to see the family again so soon. Anyhow, from now on I am probably going to update more frequently but I can't promise it won't all be about how much I dislike the gas company.

Friday, October 12

What I am really Thankful for

The past weekend was hellishly busy with the FRIDAY wedding (who does that??) and it went fine, my mother and her cross-dressing gay friend were gone before I got there. I was too tired to witness that kind of a scene anyways. We were very late which sucked but there was some food at the Midnight table and we caught up in the drinking pretty quick! Of course all the pics I have happened at the end of the night. You know that part of the night you are tempted by the infamous "devil drink" .. aka the one in the term one too many that you are pretty sure you can have, but finally pisses your liver off so much that it actually crawls out of your body and you can't find it for a few days. I didn't have one of those, and this Thanksgiving that is officially what I am thankful for!

Thanksgiving dinner went alright as well, I am just beyond tired out from it. It all feels like one big foggy drive in the woods and a day full of more food than I could name right now without taking way too long to type it. The Harvest Festival we went to was awesome, though. The longer I live here the more I really love the area. It's pretty cool to have your house be a 15 minute drive from this.

Andrea and I are headed to the Ill Scarlett show tonight @ La Luna. I really love seeing bands there, so it should be fun.....annnnnd I need to get ready actually so I'm going to go now. The rest of the weekend I will be doing what I want to do most. NOTHING AT ALL :) Yaaaay.

Wednesday, October 3

I dunno... One?

Reminds me of one time I called the police on my mom for something stupid, because I just learned it that day in school. Really, why teach kids 911 at all?? haha. Oh right, to save lives.

So just to let you know I am in HATE with all things blogger and wordpress related. I am trying to convert this site back to easy-peasy street and it seems to not be working out. Lesson learned: don't fix something that isn't broken. But this was such a cool layout, wasn't it? Well anyway that's what is with all the delay. To catch up I will just tell you 5 random events that occurred.

1. Rob and Manon came over for dinner on Thursday. We had some late conversation, they brought me the best Italian wine ever, and I made my creamy carbonera, green beans and rainbow cake for dessert. I am glad they enjoyed it, and I had fun too.

2. Rob gave me his old camera, so I have one now! Yay for that! It was my main motivation to make a really yummy dinner since he absolutely refused to let me give him any money. How nice is he, seriously... so all I had left was making him eat my food. You simply can't refuse food! It's not gentlemanly.

3. I am still learning to use the camera .. but it came in handy when we went shopping Saturday afternoon. A bunch of Hockey players were dressed in women's clothes and doing poll dancing in the food court. I went "omg where is my camera!" as usual but this time I said OH HERE IT IS! *click*

4. I have been using my camera phone, shittily, whenever I saw stuff like this happen.

These are two of them. A van who put a decal of Newfoundland on his back window, and an old Austin Mini Cooper with station wagon wood paneling. I doubt I will see either ever again but for the first one I especially hope I don't. I wonder how that conversation went at the Auto Body place.

Newfie - I see on your sign here that you do window tinting

Auto Guy - That's right, window tinting and decals.. we have a special on right now

Newfie - Well I do love my van. Hmm, can you make me one that is an outline of the province of Newfoundland?

Auto Guy - Yes.. sadly.. we can
do that

Newfie - GREAT!

5. I am in love with this... oh how I would wear you everyday! We would have so much fun.

but I found out it costs a ridiculous $160-$200.. so we can never be :( </3

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