Wednesday, October 3

I dunno... One?

Reminds me of one time I called the police on my mom for something stupid, because I just learned it that day in school. Really, why teach kids 911 at all?? haha. Oh right, to save lives.

So just to let you know I am in HATE with all things blogger and wordpress related. I am trying to convert this site back to easy-peasy street and it seems to not be working out. Lesson learned: don't fix something that isn't broken. But this was such a cool layout, wasn't it? Well anyway that's what is with all the delay. To catch up I will just tell you 5 random events that occurred.

1. Rob and Manon came over for dinner on Thursday. We had some late conversation, they brought me the best Italian wine ever, and I made my creamy carbonera, green beans and rainbow cake for dessert. I am glad they enjoyed it, and I had fun too.

2. Rob gave me his old camera, so I have one now! Yay for that! It was my main motivation to make a really yummy dinner since he absolutely refused to let me give him any money. How nice is he, seriously... so all I had left was making him eat my food. You simply can't refuse food! It's not gentlemanly.

3. I am still learning to use the camera .. but it came in handy when we went shopping Saturday afternoon. A bunch of Hockey players were dressed in women's clothes and doing poll dancing in the food court. I went "omg where is my camera!" as usual but this time I said OH HERE IT IS! *click*

4. I have been using my camera phone, shittily, whenever I saw stuff like this happen.

These are two of them. A van who put a decal of Newfoundland on his back window, and an old Austin Mini Cooper with station wagon wood paneling. I doubt I will see either ever again but for the first one I especially hope I don't. I wonder how that conversation went at the Auto Body place.

Newfie - I see on your sign here that you do window tinting

Auto Guy - That's right, window tinting and decals.. we have a special on right now

Newfie - Well I do love my van. Hmm, can you make me one that is an outline of the province of Newfoundland?

Auto Guy - Yes.. sadly.. we can
do that

Newfie - GREAT!

5. I am in love with this... oh how I would wear you everyday! We would have so much fun.

but I found out it costs a ridiculous $160-$200.. so we can never be :( </3


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