Monday, October 29

I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Sitney Beers.

The Halloween Party was a lot of fun. I decided to go as post-bald Britney. Without carrying annoying props like an umbrella, a bag of McDonalds, or refusing to wear underwear or a bra.. I think I did alright? I should have stuck by my I HATE MY KIDS tattoo idea, though. That would have made it a lot more obvious.

I have to mention that awesome cuppage on the porno wallpaper was in Marc's garage. I mean honestly tell me you've seen a garage like that. It was like a raunchy saloon, I love it. After the party was over, we played a bunch of drinking games, then Al passed out so we went to go mess with him. I wish I wasn't too drunk to figure out how to make my "princess leia" buns idea work. Instead I just brought some buns down and put them on his face. Haha.

When I get the rest of the nights pics you will see them pop up on my Flickr.

Now to stock up on candy for Wednesday.. who wants me to give out raisins and apples this year just to watch all their little pissed off faces? Just give me a reason, I'll do it!


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