Friday, October 19

type www. and don't ask me why

Part of me is happy I found my way around my blogger problem, the other part is totally PISSED I had to spend so much time on it. It's not even actually fixed I just managed to trick it into doing this so I can stop using dreamweaver like a complete idiot. So just remember to type www. before it or else it just won't work for you. That's how it's gonna be.

But why don't you update every day anymore, Ann? I don't like reading the same post all week, ok. I have a strict surfing schedule and you're making poor use of my time!

This is because it takes me 3 days to write one and publish it and host all my fucking shit like an IDIOT and then I don't even want to do it anymore!! so I let it sit for another couple days because the number of things I do for fun is very limited, and this should be one of them. Computers aren't actually very fun.

So anyway, the Ill Scarlett concert was 'CAPS' AWESOME. If it weren't for blogger I would have had to get my hands shot off not to update about it. That night included a new kind of wine that had some kind of fancy poetry on it. Wine doesn't just get you drunk these days, it makes you think. We saw Melissa's huge scrapbook of Japan... like its actually just a very large scrapbook.

We headed to the concert, got waaaay too close

After I almost died 55 times, we decided to enjoy the show from a safe distance like the 25 year olds we are. lol. They were so fucking good, I don't think I've been this impressed with a band I never heard of after hearing them play since Saves the Day. My favourite part was their cover of Rhianna's Umbrella. If I could find a decent recording online I'd show you. Anyway we're going to try and see their last local shows next Friday in London and the Saturday the following weekend in T.O. because honestly, there is no way they will be able to play small venues for very much longer. They are just that damn good. Also I am dying to buy one of the shirts I saw but had no cash left for... I don't care if I have to drive to London fucking England. I say that knowing that's impossible.

BEST part was after the amazing show the lead singer, Alex, was talking to everyone at the bar.. signing things.. drinking.. you name it. Andrea, Me and Steve actually got to hang out with him for a while and it was pretty fucking cool.

Such a nice guy.. oh and maybe a little hot. I wish I could tell you what I personally talked about but basically all I recall was saying that Andrea was a bad influence. Hahaha. Hey when it's true, it's true! I think Andrea needs to marry him, or Steve.. I really don't care.

On a totally different note, this week has been pretty terrible. I won't really go into detail on it but my grandmother's brother suddenly passed and his funeral was yesterday. It was very sad since just last week was his daughters wedding we all went to, and, yeah.. not a particularly nice way to see the family again so soon. Anyhow, from now on I am probably going to update more frequently but I can't promise it won't all be about how much I dislike the gas company.


Anonymous said...

Ill Scarlett went to my brother's highschool, I saw them play in their gym before they were all famous.

ann.marie said...

they'll definitely be more famous! but that's pretty cool. fun fact the guy who won canadian idol was at the show too.. and no one cared haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey you got nominated for the Blogger's Choice Awards:

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