Thursday, October 25

These are my little friends

So I don't usually discuss crap like this, but I say "what the hell!" to that right now.

I mentioned my uncle passed away last week, from smoking basically, and ever since I have been worried about my grandpa who is merely 6 months older than he was. I've decided that my days of not nagging about it are effectively over. It isn't in my nature to nag, I like being able to just talk to someone rationally with my concerns, but he really leaves me no choice since he is still smoking.. quite a lot. He was at my house last night for maybe 2 hours and went for 3 smokes, if that gives you some idea. Anyways! I was talking to my cousins when we initially found out my uncle died and, along with an unusually high number of family tragedies in 2007, I made the comment that I don't think the family can handle any more bad news. That is very true.

So of course I had a dream last night that my uncle Peter and my Mom died at the same time. Obviously we were all devastated. I went through a few drawers of her stuff and saw a bunch of baby clothes my mom saved of mine, like my first tee shirt "I was born at Henderson Hospital" which does actually exist in real life. Dreams really like to add that bit of reality to screw with you. My mom always keeps a billion photo albums in her room so I decided to go back for that too, or I was sure they'd be lost, and there were many pictures of us together (I'm not sure what the rush was but there was, and my grandma was annoyed with me) so as I was looking for them I realize we just walked into my mom's "viewing room" and her body is up on some level thing with a huge lace sheet over it. Kinda like a topper cake... so I look over at the creepiness of the body, and then look at my grandma who is waiting by the door when suddenly her body COMES BACK TO LIFE! We both scream and my grandma is basically immobilized by a massive shock heart attack. This is totally zombie too because my mom is now evil and muttering shit to me like I'm going to kill you, and I am being pulled towards her by something invisible. I try to crawl away but I'm stuck, I can't. I am sure my grandma can't help me because she is likely about to die herself from shock, and then I start thinking why is my mom haunting me???? That's not cool!

Ok maybe I should have mentioned the day before we were watching Planet Terror. Maybe.

Speaking of zombies. I hate union gas!!!!!! They raped us today and I .. I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say utilities are the one thing about Oakville that is horrifyingly outrageous, and they know there's nothing you're going to do about it! I should start my own "on notice" list:
  • smoking
  • zombies
  • the gas company

    Other than that everything is going just peachy. Halloween party tomorrow night! My costume is a surprise, but here's a hint (It's not red riding hood).

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Benjamin said...

You know something? I still enjoy the look of a woman with smeared eyeliner. Long after I thought my adolescent infatuation of a messy goth aesthetic had faded into oblivion with my angst-ridden youth, this image brings it all back with startling and satisfying reminiscence. I also like Robert Rodriguez's early work, so I'll give this movie a chance.

I think apples are perceived as a psychopath's Halloween vehicle for poison and razor blades. On my street when I was a kid we used to have a dentist who would hand out toothbrushes with a sarcastic grin, while reminding us to brush well before bedtime. Another lady would hand out cans of pop, that looked good at the time of transaction, but became increasingly heavy as our young arms grew tired from lugging around that bag of goods. Can you imagine what those cans did to little plastic pumpkin buckets in the hands of 5 year olds? Havoc I tell you. That lady influenced a generation of kids to develop a concept of a weight to sweetness ratio in targeting the choice houses. I would have passed up gold bullion based on this criteria.

I think you should give out peanuts and tell the allergy kids to suck it up. Happy Halloween.

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